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165: What to Wear for your Family Photo Shoot

If you’re like me and don’t have an “Instagram Husband” and you have to take all your outfit photos by yourself just with a camera on a tripod it can be hard to know exactly what the camera is seeing as you pose away.  That is, until you download your pics and discover that you’ve committed a bunch of photography crimes which have ruined your photographic efforts.

I’ve shared  tips on how to pose for photos and also how to take a selfie from a tech aspect as well plus how taking an outfit photo can really assist you in becoming more stylish.

Now people often say to me “all  your photos are great”, but they don’t see behind the scenes, and just how many photos I have to delete as unusable.  I probably take at least 30 photos for each photo you see.  Today, I’m sharing some of my epic fails and what to look out for so you don’t make the same mistakes as me!

Inside Out Style: 5 common outfit photo fails to avoid

  1. Check your Teeth for Lipstick

Inside Out Style: 5 common outfit photo fails to avoidI can’t tell you how many photos I take and discover afterwards I have lipstick all over my teeth.

Sure you can touch up your photo and get rid of the lipstick (which if you’re not a photoshop person can be a bit tricky), but honestly I really do minimal editing to my photos – I may brighten a photo or increase the contrast but I’m not into doing all sorts of changes to my physical appearance as I want you to know that what you seeis what you get.


2. Make Sure The Brightest Light Source is In Front of You

Inside Out Style: 5 common outfit photo fails to avoid

If the sun is behind you will end up looking dark.  It’s very hard to brighten the photo up without then blowing out the background.  I fall prey to this one over and over!

3. Don’t Take Photos in Direct Sun

Inside Out Style: 5 common outfit photo fails to avoid

Direct sunlight creates harsh shadows.  Early morning and dusk light are the most flattering lights to take photos in.  Try and avoid photographing yourself in direct sunlight.

I try and get my outfit photos taken first thing in the morning before the sun is too strong and direct.

5 Epic Photo Fails to Avoid when taking your outfit photos

Dappled sunlight will create strange splotches on you

Also be careful of taking photos in dappled sunlight where you get strange splotches on your face.

4. Check What’s Around You


Inside Out Style: 5 common outfit photo fails to avoid

It may be hard to believe, but I didn’t see this jasmine vine in front of my face when taking this pic.  But you can certainly see it in the photo!

Check out what is in front of you (between you and the camera) and even behind you (you don’t want stray poles sticking out of your head).

5. Get a Clear Shot

Inside Out Style: 5 common outfit photo fails to avoid

Find out what part of the frame the camera is focusing on, then make sure you’re in that area while the camera focuses, otherwise you will be blurry and what is around you will be clear.

You can’t edit yourself into focus!

So there you have my top 5 tips and some photos that otherwise would never have made it to the blog to illustrate just how easy it is to get wrong, but also what you can look out for so your outfits photos shine!

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