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Who are our readers?

Working women aged 24 – 55 with university educations


Reader Testimonials

First of all, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I love your POSTS and I love YOUR e-BOOKS.
I have recently purchased your two books “Never short of style” and “TheFinishing touch” getting for free “5 step formula for a fabulous wardrobe on a budget”. THANKS A LOT! And I had already your “Wardrobe secrets revealed”. They are all fabulous
.  Iris Clement, Netherlands

I just found your site.  It’s great!  Thanks for all your hard work.  Your friend in Texas, USA Karen Chadwick



Inside Out Style was voted favourite Women’s Interest blog by the Business Mums Network in 2009

It has also won the 5 Diamonds award for Top Fashion Blog 2o13



Reading habits

Inside Out Style blog is read both at home and at work, with an approximately 50:50 split.

Readers spend an average 3.03 minutes on the site each visit.


Blog Statistics

Inside Out Style has  131 000+ (March 2015)  unique visitors every month with 365 000+ page views (that means our visitors are engaged with our site)

Inside Out Style has a Klout rating of 58

Inside Out Style’s subscriber database is 10 000+.



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