Discover What’s Inside Brick Bay Winery Sculpture Walk New Zealand


If you’re spending time on New Zealand’s North Island, don’t miss out on taking a detour off the highway north from Auckland to visit Brick Bay Sculpture Trail (and winery), located in the town of Warkworth.

Discover what's inside Brick Bay Winery Sculpture Trail in New Zealand's North Island

The Brick Bay Sculpture Trail is an easy and meandering 2km walk, suitable for most ages and abilities (seriously easy walk with only a few stairs here and there) set into beautiful natural bushland.  Dotted along the path are sculptures by New Zealand’s leading artists and each year the original trail is extended into new areas to include new commissions.

What's at Brick Bay winery and sculpture trail? Is it worth a visit?

You enter the trail via the Brick Bay Winery Restaurant (which I’m told is worth a visit too, though we didn’t stop for lunch) and after purchasing your ticket (all proceeds go to the charitable trust that operates to assist artists in meeting material expenses), you’re given a trail map of the 68 (and ever-growing) sculptures so you can find out names of artists and more about each artwork.

What's at Brick Bay winery and sculpture trail? Is it worth a visit? - Mahoe leaf by Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson – Mahoe – corrugated iron Mahoe leaf

Taking a leisurely stroll along the path, it’s worth taking the time to enjoy each sculpture.   You can walk around many of them (though like visiting an art gallery or museum, you are asked not to touch the sculptures.


What's at Brick Bay winery and sculpture trail? Is it worth a visit? - Anna Korver
Anna Korver Red Figure on Spiral Staircase


Each year they add a “folly” a sculpture on a grand scale that you can interact with (this one by Ryan Mahon, Sascha Milojevic, Edward Roberts and Raphela Rose was the 2016 addition.

What's at Brick Bay winery and sculpture trail? Is it worth a visit? 2016 Folly
Ryan Mahon, Sascha Milojevic, Edward Roberts and Raphela Rose – 2016 Folly


What’s a folly?  It’s an architectural object that lacks a deliberate functional purpose.  The folly must instead examine its surroundings and allow them to bring it into an abstract existence.  You can walk through this one (though you need to crawl out the other end!).

Brick Bay sculpture trail - Filipe Tohi
Filipe Tohi – The white cloud


Not only are there the standard “visible” sculptures, there are also sound installations throughout the trail which are stunningly beautiful.  My favourite Olivia Webb’s Miserere Mei which has a haunting beauty.

Brick Bay - Ben Foster - The White Deer
Ben Foster – The White Deer

You can experience from my photos the broad variety of artworks.  There are large pieces and very small ones too.


Jim Wheeler - Kauri Newl Post Regeneration Series
Jim Wheeler – Kauri Newl Post Regeneration Series


Jeff Thomson - Dinghy
Jeff Thomson – Dinghy

There are surprises around every corner and pieces that you’d expect in this landscape such as the corrugated iron Dinghy by Jeff Thomson (and apparently it is watertight), to the vernacular garden gnome by Gregor Kregar.


Gregor Kregar - Gnome
Gregor Kregar – Gnome


He’s no tiny garden gnome, he’s human-sized.

And this sculpture walks gives you the opportunity to experience each piece from multiple angles (and with some, to understand them you need to walk around them to appreciate their impact.



Brick Bay Winery


Once you’re finished the walk you can enjoy some wine tasting, or sit overlooking the waterlily filled pond and enjoy a meal or glass of fine New Zealand wine.

Brick Bay Sculpture Trail

Open daily 10-5pm (last entry 4pm)

Arabella Lane, Snells Beach

Warkworth, New Zealand

Find out more here.


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  • So near and yet so far! I was there on 24 March, for my third visit so far. Would have been great to see you there.

    • Yes my husband and I went in January – I just only got around to editing the photos and writing the story – such a lovely place and would love to see you there sometime!

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