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5 Great resources to inspire your next outfit selection from your hair to personality to putting it all together

This weekend my theme is Outfit Inspiration so I’m sharing a few of  my outfits this past couple of weeks.  It’s been very cold in my office as I have no heating (broken down, waiting on a part) and it’s mid-winter here so I’m all layered up.

Black and White Spot outfit


My wardrobe is still full of black from when it was my best neutral and I had dark hair.  Not about to throw it all out, but I like to wear lighter colours near my face so love this spotted top from Mon Amore Paris that blends the black and white together.  I like the way the top blends the black and white so creates a medium contrast, which suits my value contrast.



Winter layering with leggings

Day in front of the computer writing blog posts.  Comfortable leggings and my favourite  boots by Django and Juliette.  I think I have 2 layers of Uniqlo heat tech tops plus 2 layers of wool on as I try to stay warm!  I bought the cardigan from Marshalls in San Francisco some years ago and it has become quite a favourite of mine in winter.

Floral skirt and metalicus jacket


Out on a personal shopping trip in this outfit.  Jacket is from Metalicus and skirt from Forever New (which I’ve styled a number of ways for summer too)  with boots from Fred Smith (comfy wedges good for walking around the mall).


Damson suit

Wore this outfit to speak at the Australian Association of Professional Organisers 2015 Conference.  The suit used to be a pant suit, but I don’t wear pants often (and weight fluctuations matter so much more with pants than skirts) so I had Alfia Galimova redesign the pants into a skirt.  Wearing it with a Uniqlo heat tech top and boots from Clarks and some leopard fishnet tights .

Now for your Weekend Reading Roundup of Outfit Inspiration Ideas

Loved this post by the amazing Sue Donnelly with a really inspiring way of thinking about building an outfit like a recipe

Date night dressing inspirational ideas from 40+ Style

Some great tips on Already Pretty about how your hairstyle interacts with your outfit, should you wear it up or down?

Loved this post by one of my amazing Image Consultant Training graduates Anne on Getting to Know Yourself

And Angie shares her 4 week travel capsule in action on her trip to Europe and shows you how it works.

Plus I’m presenting this 2 part webinar over the next 2 weeks for AICI – you don’t need to be a member – find out more and book your spot today!

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  • Hi Imogen,
    I really enjoy seeing your outfits. Very inspirational. What sort of handbags do you favour? They are not my favourite accessory but they are necessary to carry my stuff around. I usually carry quite a large tote style. What’s your choice? Cheers, Judy

    • I have a variety – a tote style is great for day to day. When I’m shopping I prefer a messenger style so that I don’t have to worry about is slipping off my shoulders.

  • I think the purple outfit really made your face come alive. I like the blue one too, and I kept comparing them to see why I felt you looked better in the purple, can’t really tell, maybe the necklace close to your face, but yeah, you look really nice in purple. Love the soft beige boots, you have great legs and can get away with that nicely.

    By the way, the long line cardi that has ruffles… where did you get that? I hope it was among your big W goodies you had for your capsule wardrobe or somewhere in Melbourne I can still grab one. Although on a busty woman they never look as good.

    • The purple is a skin enhancer, the blue an eye enhancer. They both work. The grey ruffle cardigan is from one of my trips to the USA (you won’t find anything like it in Big W sadly).

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