Destination Style – In Conversation with Jill Chivers


Destination Style - in conversation with Jill Chivers about finding our style

Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss some of our Ah-ha moments relating to our personal styles – from the discovery of a signature print to the moment where I realised that there was something about my body shape that really mattered in my selection of clothing. Watch the video here now.

Have you had a style ah-ha moment?  Share it here with me!


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  • Great post ladies! What is most interesting to me is that both of you had your “aha” moments relatively young. I think it took me longer but I now have a pretty good idea of what works for me and why, mostly through trial and error (and What Not to Wear episodes!). I can relate to both of your stories re: the hit & miss investment pieces and would love to see a post on that.

    • Thanks Lisa – can you explain a little more about what you’d like to know more about on the hit and miss investments pieces? Anything specifically?

  • Thank you both for this great post! I’ve had a couple of ‘a-ha’ moments so far. The first one was realising I was a Winter (I believed I was an Autumn) and that my obsession with black was perfectly founded. The second most important moment was finding out I was short-waisted. These two ‘clicks’ had the most profound effect on my sense of self and of style. No more orange for me!

  • Years ago, while job hunting, I bought a very classic grey suit to wear with a pale pink blouse, I thought I needed to have this interview suit even though it was way too classic for me. Now I know that although I look best in a tailored look, it needs to have bold, dramatic details for a great look for me.
    Also, I recently discovered that I have a pretty long rise and many pants are too low a cut for me.
    Great video!

  • My ‘aha’ moment came with Imogen’s post about body proportions and how

    1. figure 8s should wear cropped jackets, not these that come past the waist,
    2. petites with wide shoulders should not wear wide collars
    3. why pencil silhouettes work for me, not A-lines.

    I also figured out from this site how my value contrast needs to be high, but my colour contrast needs to be low.

    I got my jackets shortened, got rid of some colours that were not working for me and now I wear 100% of the clothes in my closet regularly.

    This site has the best style advice for women, bar none.

    • Wow thanks Nutrivore – I really appreciate your comment and I’m so glad that finding those 3 things has made such a difference to your overall style and how you feel and that you are getting such great wear out of all your clothes now!

  • I value the advice to wear what ‘makes your own heart sing’. I love vintage – art deco – period and have some great cloche type hats. Vintage is my signature but I have blended it with the knowledge I have gained from this site especially things that have fine-tuned things that I kind of knew but have add information about colour and value contrast. THANK YOU so much for sharing your life-changing and consistently accurate information.

  • I purchased a pant suit at Banana Republic about 10 years ago. It was black/white lightweight wool with a small herringbone print. The jacket did not fit as well as the pants (the “Jackson” fit for curvy girls), and with warm coloring it was not flattering, but I wore the pants until the lining was literally falling apart. Why? Because they were so darned flattering! I have wide-ish hips and a flat-ish bum so fit in pants is an issue. My ah-ha came a few weeks ago when I was at Banana Republic and tried on pants in that same “Jackson” cut – OMG – they were perfect. Now I know I can go to the BR website and purchase these pants – the sizing is the same – and they will always fit AND flatter.

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