The 3 Minutes and 31 Days that Will Change Your Style for the Better


Evolve Your Style is a 30 day style challenge that will change your lifeHere is the 3 minutes

Watch this video – watch it now – it’s only 3 minutes long and has an important message about living your life.  Watch it before you read on …

Now for the 31 days

The reason that I’m sharing this video is that I have seen just how powerful taking 30 days to try something new or different or concentrate on something can be to the quality of your life.  It’s why I wrote my Evolve Your Style 31 day Style Challenge and everyday when I drop in on the Facebook group I see the positive impact it has on the participants who share their style challenge journey’s there.

I know that even if you are not a Facebook person that the challenge can have a profound effect.  One of my gorgeous personal clients who I’ve done colour consultations and shopping trips with wrote me this email after she completed the month long challenge :

I finished the 31 Day Style Challenge today (today is Day 32, so I just have the wrap up to go). It’s been great! I’m still a bit shy about using Facebook but I’ve taken a photo each day and made notes. I can definitely see an evolution across the photos, for the better. I have become more of a risk-taker in terms of what I mix and match (am wearing much more of what is in my wardrobe) and am also much more clear now about what doesn’t suit me. A big realisation is that at 5’ 3” and with an ‘A’ shape, a long waist and short legs, I look better in things with shaping through the waist. I am sure you were gently trying to tell me this when I met with you and when we went shopping, but taking the photos really brought it home. A lot of the baggy fashion around at the moment does me no favours at all, and the best I can do is to do a front or side tuck with things I already have in colours that suit me to provide some definition and to get some wear out of the items. Scarves are also good for me – they add much-needed interest to plain knits. I’ve also become much better at taking selfies. My only stumbling block was Day 23: Style a skirt – I only own one and it’s a very dressy summer skirt that I could not manage to style for the day in question (a cold Monday). But at least I now realise there is a gap in my wardrobe…

It’s the best $10 I have spent in a long time.      

With many thanks and best wishes


You can read more experiences of Evolvers (as they have called themselves) here and discover why taking that little bit of time out each day to analyse your clothing will help you discover your style, what works, what doesn’t and what you love.  Plus I bet you get a whole load of compliments from those around you too as you play with your clothes on this creative journey.

For those of you who have already done the Evolve Your Style challenge – I’d love to read in the comments just how it has changed your style (and life)!  Please share.



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  • I did the 31 day style challenge 6 months ago. It may have just been a month but it has led and refined my style every day since. I was pretty focused on style rules before but it has helped me understand my personality and personal style much better which is leading to better purchases! Taking photos is priceless! I think we come to the mirror not just with eyes but emotional filters and a photo helps you see what others see. I still take a photo every day! (My iphone photos look a bit narcissistic!). I highly recommend the challenge, even if you have had a style consultation or feel you know the rules for your body this challenge will help you apply them better!

  • I started the 31 day style challenge in September last year and really enjoyed taking part. It got me thinking “out of the box” and trying combinations that I hadn’t tried before. Since then I’ve joined the 7 Steps to Style system, which has totally changed my wardrobe – and my life! I have had so much fun in the facebook group with other 7 Steps sisters, who are very supportive and helpful. I’m thinking that I may try the 31 day challenge again next month, putting everything I have learnt through 7 Steps into practice.

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