How to Style Black Pants for the Office


how to style black pants for the office

So many women wear black (or grey or navy or brown) trousers to the office, but it can become such a uniform it becomes dull and boring.  Today I thought I’d share some ideas on styling your black pants with a little more panache.


3 ways to style black pants for work


  1. You can create a dramatic and high contrast look with an achromatic colour scheme (yes black and white is achromatic not monochromatic).
  2. Create an analogous colour scheme (that’s one where the colours are next to each other – so blue, teal and green as in this picture) to add colour in a subtle but sophisticated way.
  3. Become inspired by the Breton stripe and create your own version of French flair with a striped tee and a navy blazer.  Don’t forget the scarf for that extra spice.

You can easily take any of these inspirations and make them more or less dressy depending on your work dress code.

Get the look
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  • Hello! I love your site but am frustrated with my O-shaped body. This post, in particular, leaves me feeling hopeless. Not one of the styles you’ve shown would work for me. How do I style my black pants for the office??

    • Bette the first style should work for an O shape – I find these draped front shirts particularly flattering and tummy hiding. Alternatively wear a top that works for your shape with your black pants – you may want a slim pant and wear it with more of a tunic top.

  • Hi Imogen

    I always love how you put your clothes together. Being retired, I don’t have to worry about office wear. However, i have my eye on a black Witchery biker jacket (ponti fabric with leather sleeves) for casual wear, but my sister says I am too old at 58 for such a jacket. Any thoughts?

  • *yes black and white is achromatic not monochromatic*

    Imogen…Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU…I cringe every time I read black and white as monochromatic…please, Please, PLEASE…keep spreading the word.

    Love your work…

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