It’s My 5:2 Fastiversary


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One year ago today I started on my 5:2 Way of Eating (I don’t call it the D word) and today I’m around 15kg lighter and a whole lot healthier.  I’ve written about how I’ve done it and what it is here.

When I started, I was on cholesterol medication (my whole family is on it as we have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol) and my weight was the same as when I gave birth to my son 12 years earlier (that’s full term pregnancy!).

I’ve always had a bit of an issue with feeling deprived (regular diets are all about deprivation), and I do love chocolate and champagne, butter and cheese, and most diets make you give them all up, and all that does is make me want to eat them more.

So a year on I’m still eating those yummy foods, when I really want to, and I fast most weeks one day a week, sometimes two, if I’ve really overindulged that past week. I keep alcohol consumption to weekends and special occassions too.

I’ve not fasted on holidays but start again as soon as I return and it immediately gets my appetite under control again. I think that is what has been so great about the 5:2 way of life, is that just those two fasts per week (or one on maintenance) changed my whole mindset to food, and as long as I stick with it, that mindset stays with me.

These days I’m much more aware of how I feel after eating, and my ability to stop eating when I’m full has improved out of sight (I belong to that clean plate club because of all those starving children in China/Africa). I love that I can eat a mainly healthy diet, but still enjoy the fun things in life. I love that not only do I now have a healthy BMI, I also feel much healthier (and blood tests have shown that my body is also heaps healthier than it was).

As Count Rugen in my favourite movie, The Princess Bride says “If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.” and as I’m now even closer to 50 than 40 it’s something I realise that health is incredibly important to quality of life (as well as longevity).

These days I don’t eat til dinnertime, then eat a high protein and lots of vegetables dinner for my 500 calories (lots of recipes on the post mentioned in the link at the top of this page).  As long as I drink lots of water and other no-calorie drinks, I can get by.  I know that hunger pangs come and go and I just remind myself that being hungry means that my body is about to start burning my fat as fuel and I’m not going to die!


I had been exercising, going to the gym, walking, pump classes, yoga classes, weight lifting and I had kept putting on weight.  Since I’ve been on this program (well since January this year) I started running, and now I’ve quit the gym but run 5km 4-5 times per week as it fits better in with my lifestyle, as I can get up and run for 1/2 hour then come home and start my day.  I also do a weekly tap dancing class, which I can tell you, burns heaps of energy!  The breast reduction has certainly made it much easier for me to exercise (and way more comfortable, and I don’t feel self-conscious anymore of those huge bouncing boobs I used to have).  I’m definitely the most fit I’ve been in my adult life, so far 8km is the furthest I’ve run non-stop.  One day I’m sure I’ll manage 10km, but don’t want to over stress out my old knees!




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  • I’ve been doing something similar (Eat Stop Eat) for almost 3 years now. It is fabulous. I am 47 and weigh less than before my 3 pregnancies. Although I was never “overweight” by BMI, I didn’t have much of a waist.

    It also helps with my psoriasis. It seems that fasting reduces inflammation in the body.


  • Good for you, Imogen. I think I see Christopher Guest’s head bobbing around up there – one of my favourite clever dudes. I just started your Evolve your Style programme and I got a compliment today! First in ages, ages, ages. From a woman, was nice. She appreciated my stylings. Which weren’t flash, no new clothes, I just climbed out of my jeans for once and plucked up the courage to wear something I actually really like, but never wear because I generally manage to talk myself out of it. So thank you for setting the challenge!

  • Wow that’s an inspiration! I lost 23 pounds this summer with the Loaded Gun Diet and I’ve been looking for that extra mile to help me lose seven more.

  • Imogen, I am curious — how did you/do you decide which days to fast (and which days to eat). Does it vary, or have you found that a certain schedule is less painful than others? 😉

    • I usually do Monday and Thursday. Monday to get over my weekend overindulgence, and then Thursday cos it’s a couple of days later, and before the next weekend! But I move the days around when I need to when I have other things on. The joy is you can make it work for your lifestyle.

  • Happy Fastiversary! You look great! I love the 5:2 way of eating (I’m now on 6:1 also) and would suggest it to anyone who doesn’t want to attend meetings or keep track of calories or points.

    To answer Katie (I hope you don’t mind, Imogen): It probably is best to pick a day and stick with it, but it can vary depending on what else is going on in your life that week. I usually did Monday and Thursday when I was on 5:2, but now just Monday on 6:1. But, if I have a special event on Monday, I just change my fast to another day. Try not to fast two days in a row if you can help it, but I’ve done that too and survived. Btw, you might want to pick up the Fast Diet book for tips and recipes. or, just Google “5:2 Diet” you’ll get tons of hits. Good luck!

  • Congratulations Imogen, what a stunning transformation, though I must say you still looked gorgeous in the pre 5:2 version. I am also on the 5:2 and have found it the ONLY way of eating that has actually led to successful continuous weight loss. I know the success helps to keep going but I also know the effort and discipline that it takes, so well done for reaching your goal and sticking with the maintenance for a tear.

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