A Solution for Pesky Thigh Rubbing and Chaffing


Ok here’s my confession, my thighs touch!  Can you believe it!  I’m like the majority of women who don’t have a gap between her upper thighs.

Now my care factor for this is pretty low, except when it comes to hot summer days and I want to wear a dress or skirt and if its humid, and I’m walking around a lot, those thighs rubbing together can start to irritate each other and produce a rash (eeeeeewwww).

So what are my solutions?


Solutions to Stop Thighs Rubbing

You can wear a pair of bike shorts, leggings, hosiery or shapewear shorts. But on those hot hot days, not very comfortable either.

You can wear trousers or shorts (I find them kind of hot most of the time, so not my preferred option in the heat)


Bandelettes – Stop Thigh Rubbing – Review


The best solution I’ve found – you can wear Bandelettes . Yes, a solution has been created – it’s pretty simple, like the top part of a pair of stay up stockings, they are bands of lace that have a silicone backing to stick to your thighs, but they do protect your upper thighs and are super comfortable to wear.

Yes you know I love a dress.  In fact they are my preferred garment to wear most of the time, so finding these anti-chaffing thigh bands is fabulous for me.  They don’t dig into my thighs (come in lots of sizes) and they stay up easily all day.  My one negative is that after a day of walking there is a little pilling on the inside thigh area of the lace, but honestly, I don’t care, they’re under my skirt and no one is seeing them anyway!

They are only $14.99US and come in a range of colours, from nude to red and black.


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  • Thank you! Will try these during the summer. I’m about to trial 3B Action cream but I think Bandelettes look more comfortable and definitely classier.

  • Awesome! I will have to go check those out!

    Another less versatile solution I found for summer weather is wearing skorts. Many of the sportier ones have a really lightweight bike-short type material under the skirt that I find very comfortable.

    But I like the idea of wearing all my dresses!

  • I’d like to try these, but the use of a model with a massive thigh gap has really put me off. What is wrong with these marketing people??? I really doubt that they won’t dig into the thighs of someone who needs them and who doesn’t have photoshop on standby…

    • Ann – these come in multiple sizes – and I took photos of my legs in them – and even though it looks like I have a gap in the pics, I can tell you when I walk, that I don’t – must have had my legs apart when I took the pic. I’m wearing a size B which is the second smallest.

  • The only time I had a real problem with chafing was running the London Marathon many years ago. I stopped for a comfort break and was horrified to see how red and sore my inner thighs looked, considering I was only just over half-way! After I started running again I spotted some first-aid people who gave me a dollop of Vaseline. Thankfully it worked perfectly!

  • I was sold until I read “silicone backing”. It’s one thing I have to look for on all bras and immediately discount them if it’s there – I come out in blisters and welts. As you can imagine, not a good look or feel! Looks like I’m sticking to my bike shorts….

  • Give ‘Creampuffs’ a try for thigh rub. Made in Vancouver, BC. They look like old fashioned bloomers but they ‘re very feminine in great colours and wide range of sizes.

  • Have you tried Body Glide? Like a solid stick deodorant, you just apply where needed and no more rubbing. I got mine at a sports store. It’s also great on your toes if you have shoes that are rubbing a bit.
    Another option is longer line panties from Jockey. They are not shape wear, so not constricting at all.

  • No it doesn’t rub off, at least it hasn’t for me. I apply it when I’m wearing a skirt, so it’s not touching fabric anyway. And it seems to last all day.

  • I recently tried a pair and had a mixed experience. I’m a bit overweight (size 20) and use a size D. My body shape is an H, so not particularly wide thighs.

    I found the bandelettes very nice, if I wasn’t walking around too much or walking slowly, such as at home or work, or going out for dinner or an art museum. Also bicycling around the city I live in was fine – i.e. cycling for transportation, not sports.

    But if I had to walk (briskly) for a bit, like a 6-7 min. brisk walk to the grocery store and back home, the silicone band slipped a bit on my skin (mostly on the back of my thighs) and created a ‘nipping’ sensation that wasn’t very comfortable and gave me a bit of a rash.

    I guess if you’re slim and/or your backside is unaffected by gravity 😉 they work a little better. I will certainly keep using them.

  • I like to sew my own culotte slips in silk or very soft handkerchief cotton, they are great under skirts and dresses though do add another layer. They look a lot like the Pettipants someone linked to.

  • St. Luke’s Prickly Heat Powder is another option … it’s got some menthol or something in it that is cooling in the heat, and the powder itself reduces the chafing. A friend who lived in (/endured the heavy humidity of) Singapore and Malaysia introduced me to it and said it was the savior of many a chafed thigh among her friends…..

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