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Have you ever thought that you’d love to do what I do?  I know that it was something that I always had an interest in, but didn’t realise that you could get training (until I met another image consultant).  It’s the most fabulous job, being able to help people look and feel great, give people greater confidence so that they can go out and succeed in their lives.

My next full time intensive training course starts Monday 18 November (details here).  If this is something you’ve been considering doing, grab that opportunity by the horns and go for it.   As you’d be aware, I’m pretty thorough, so the course is very details, plus we do lots of practical work with real people so that you gain the confidence to go out and do it on your own afterwards.

Plus we’re now offering a 1 Year Part time Evening course (7.30 – 9.30pm Thursday evenings) starting February 2014.  If this is of interest please let me know!

You can book your course (either the full time or part time course) here.

The course is accredited by the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) the peak professional body for Image Consultants globally.  Plus we provide a 12 month mentoring program after the classroom training is over to help you to succeed.

Students learning colour theory for personal colour analysis

Here is what one of our trainees had to say about her training (and she’d already done training to be a personal stylist, but didn’t feel it was enough):

I had been working as a Personal Stylist for a few years when I decided to train as an Image and Colour Consultant.  I was very fortunate to have done my personal stylist training with one of – if not the most successful personal stylist in Australia at the time.  For quite a while I had been thinking about going back to “school” and doing some intensive training  simply because I was ready to build on the skills and knowledge that I already had as a personal stylist. I wanted to be able to offer a full range of products and services to my clients. It was very important to me that I found a course that was run by people who shared the same values, ethics and integrity as me and I certainly found that and more with Imogen and Claire.

 The course content is first class. Every concept is clearly and thoroughly explained. There is enough material in this program to help you start your business. You have ongoing  access to  Imogen and Clare long after you finish the course, and I guarantee you’ll go back through the materials again and again — they’re chock full and yes, they’re that good.  Their undying patience, openness, and availability is absolutely impressive.  

The women on my course were  like no other I’ve been a part of. They were kind, giving, generous, non-competitive, supportive, thoughtful and… I could keep going.  I have never ever been a part of a group of women who are all ambitious yet simultaneously caring and non-competitive.   Twelve months on and I’m still in contact with some of my group (half of the group were from interstate) and we catch up on a regular basis and are members of the local chapter of AICI. Imogen and Clare are my go-to people whenever I have a business question. They’re amazing!

If you’re clear or even mostly clear that you want to be an Image and Colour Consultant, you are primed to take advantage of what Imogen and Clare teach in this course.  Seriously, I did a lot research on AOIP before I committed to signing – after all it is a lot of money.  I spoke to 3 past students who are all now successful image consultants and they could not rave enough about the course and the support they continue to benefit from  and after speaking with them I was so excited and enthusiastic I signed up the next day. 

It was the best decision I could possibly make and I urge you to take a big leap of faith and jump right in – you will not have any regrets.  Jo Shires, The Style Adviser

Want more information?  Check out our Academy of Professional Image website.


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  • I am wondering if you could tell me the brand name and or style name for the platform peek-toe slingbacks you have on in this picture? They are perfection for me …

      • Okay, thank you for replying. I appreciate it. I have had a knee replacement and really miss having some height in my heels. Platforms I can do for an evening out. Love those.

        You always look fantastic. You have helped me focus my image effectively. Thanks.

        JC in Ohio, USA

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