How Much do You Spend on Clothing?


What is your wardrobe worth?

A recent study conducted in the UK says that women there spend 1/5 of their salary on clothing.   This shocked me as it’s a lot of money to be spending to keep yourself looking great for you work.  And it made me think about the work I do and how often I see unnecessary purchases in women’s closets as they buy clothes that don’t suit their personality, their body shape or their colouring, and the clothes go basically unworn, as the owner knows that they’re not quite right, but can’t let them go as they’ve spent hard earned money on them.

So I’m wondering, how much do you think is a good amount to spend?  How much of your annual wage do you spend on keeping your wardrobe up to date, fresh and relevant to your current lifestyle?

It also brought up the value of a wardrobe – what is it worth?  I read some research from an insurance company that said that the average American wardrobe is worth $18 000 (this includes shoes, underwear, scarves etc.) as that is the average payout figure after a fire.  Yet most women only wear 10- 20% of their clothes, which means that at least $10 000 is mis-spent.

I love that I can help people from not wasting money on the wrong garments, help them create an effective wardrobe of clothes they love and help them feel great, plus they save lots of money in the process as they’re no longer buying wardrobe orphans or clothes that don’t suit them.

If you had to go and add up the value of all the clothes/shoes/underwear/accessories in your wardrobe, how much do you think it is really worth?


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