Don’t Waste Your Money – I shape


1. If you choose to wear anything that is boxy or baggy, without belting, it will overwhelm your figure.
2. Large scale clothes with no shaping will make you look like you’re dressing up in your parents clothes.
3. Very tailored shaping such as peplums that you just can’t fill out won’t work for your body shape.
4. Long slim shorts can emphasize your slimness and make you look mannish.
5. A-line skirts that flare from the hips can emphasize very slim calves and legs and make them look stick like.
6. Soft fabrics like chiffon will emphasize any boniness and not fall well over your shape.


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  • Oh dear. I have lots of silk chiffon blouses that I love … but I don't actually think they make me look thin. I do think your other points are spot-on, though!

  • What styles of skirt would you recommend for thin legs, then? I do have skinny legs but I don't think I'm an I– more of an X– and pencil skirts just make my hips look /massive/ in comparison.

  • Imogene,
    Would you tell us what coat style is ideal for each shape. It's cold in North America and Europe right now and many of us are pondering coat purchases from puffers to car coats to reefers and trenches. They're a sizeable investment and very visible.
    Thank you for your help and if you've written about this aready could you steer me in the right direction? J

  • I agree with all of this except the A-line skirt (for me at least). My calves *are* very thin but for some reason I don’t feel too skinny in an A-line, especially if I wear heels that give extra curve and interest. I had to laugh about “dressing up in your parents clothes”… soooooo true!

  • Wanted to drop a comment. You have some good information on your site, but I do disagree with part of this article. The two tops on the far right (both top and bottom), actually flatter my I shape really well. Many belted items (at the waist) actually make me look even more thin than I am.

    • I-Shape – thanks for your comment – body shape is just one small piece of the puzzle – you have to add into the equation body proportions, scale, texture, personality, body variations and sheen – all of which make a huge impact. Just because you are I-shape doesn’t mean everything that I list for that shape will work for you – each of us has to modify rules to suit our unique body shape and other particulars.

  • Thanks, Imogen!

    My calves do look stick-like with a lot of skirts, am not sure which would look better:-(

    I avoid shorts generally and usually wear skirts. Which skirts work better?

      • Thanks, Imogen!!
        I thought to keep my legs looking long, I should wear skirts to around the knee, but my legs do feel twiggy.

        I have been wearing maxi skirts with slim wedges and enjoy that look. Is that what you mean? Is there a range of length I should be looking for?

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