How to Choose a Flattering Cardigan


Best cardigan styles for your body shape


If you’re like me and like to wear a cardi when it’s a little nippy, how to choose one to flatter your figure?


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How to Choose a Flattering Cardigan

Clockwise from top left

  • The stripy cardigan is great for I shapes, the wide stripes will add curves as will the pocket detail which will add width to your hips.
  •  The white cardian with black waist detail will give you the illusion of a lovely waist, the striped cuff details will make your hips look curvier.
  •  The grey with feather neckline cardigan is great for 8, X and A shapes who can all highlight their small waists with a belt, the feathers draw attention up toward you face.
  •  The peach cardigan with ruched sleeves is best for A and 8 shapes who have narrower shoulders and want to balance their hips whilst still drawing attention their small waists.
  •  The black cardigan with the asymmetrical hem is fantastic for A and X shapes who want to deflect from their hips.
  •  The red and grey cardigans in the middle are great for those with less of a waisted shape, O, Hs and Vs. The long open line creates flattering verticals that elongate a shorter torso.
  •  The long peach cardigan is great for Xs,8s and As, the tie at the waist highlights your waist, the longer length camouflages your bottom.
  •  As and 8s with narrower shoulders will look great in the white cardigan with shoulder detail.
  •  The green and grey cardigans are great for smaller busted women as the high necklines will flatter.
  •  The blue/grey cardigan with asymmetric wide collar works for Hs and As, as does the red cardigan with ruffle detail.
 whats my body shape


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  • Imogen, first things first. I must find out once and for all what shape I am! I will read all the “body type” posts you have here. I am learning so much from you, you genius!

  • Thank you. I am an 8 I do believe. I have never really felt that clothing for pear shaped suited me. I have my weight just below the waist and a full bust. I have slightly narrow shoulders that look more so because they slope. I am thrilled by the return of shoulder pads, let me tell you!

  • Thanks for the advice, helpful as always!!
    Could I ask a question?? I have read all the body shape-related articles but still find quite hard to determine my body shape. Could you please help me? My shoulders and hips are equally wide, my waist is defined, but not too much, and I think my thighs are my widest point, although they are not too big but-unfortunatelly- I have saddlebags. I also have proportionatelly big upper arms, medium bust, thin calves and I am quite tall (5'11''). Well, this comment turned out quite long, sorry about that!! Any help will be really appreciated…

  • Sorry Imogen, but I have to ask this:

    @ Karen: Where is your blog??
    It's impossible to find it.
    Have you removed it??

  • Hmm!! I find that with my long neck, only cardigans with a collar work (shawl is my fav't, but other collars work, too). Does that make sense to you?

    – tall & slim anon

  • Thank you, Imogen! I'm a V-shape and plain V-neck cardigans definitely work best on me. I like to wear them with one button done up just below my bust so that the lower half of the cardigan is open and just above crotch length. Does this sound OK to you? Also, is there any way I can get away with a cropped cardigan – some of them are so cute!

  • Karen – hope that it's helped!

    Efi- email me photos and I'll have a look – have you checked out the body shape posts (see right column)?

    Ann-Marie – yes Karen took her blog down, she's writing lots of articles for local LA newspapers and magazines and just felt she no longer had the time for the blog as well.

    Tall and Slim – yes, long necks often look better with a collar, especially if your hair doesn't reach your shoulders.

    Shelley – yes – there isn't that much hot weather there!

    Pearlaceous – the button under the bust is flattering for V shapes.

    You could try a shrug style cardigan, just not one that is cropped and square (like the white one pictured, very bad for V shape)

  • I absolutely LOVE cardigans but I confess I tend to buy very similar styles. I must look out for some different options!

  • Hi- I’m an ‘I’ shape- skinny , boyish figure and also have a semi long neck…the length from my chin to my chest is on the long side. But I have a short torso so I’m confused which would look good on me. The cardi’s you show for the I shape have pockets and detail on the waist. Shouldn’t I avoid those? Thanks:)

  • Hi Imogen

    I’ve recently discovered you and I must say I’m delighted to have done so as I’m learning so much about myself. I’m looking for a funky cardigan that will suit my shape. I’m an H, however I also have a large bust and I’m just about average height (5’5″) with a bit of a tummy. I like bold colours and interesting details. Please could you help as I can often look frumpy in a cardigan so tend to avoid them. Any other advice would be welcome ladies!

    • Maybe look for a softly structured jacket in a jersey rather than a cardigan if they make you feel frumpy. I’m a large busted H shape and I wear caridgans all the time – have a look through the blog and you will see lots of examples in photos of me.

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