Tricky Trend – Harem Pants


When harem pants first hit the shops again I thought to myself – I’ll never be caught dead in a pair of those nappy pants (diaper pants to my US readers).  And even though whenever  my ex-husband sees me in them he feels he needs to comment on my MC Hammer Pants – I tell him, “can’t touch this”!

Well  I’m not dead, but here I am!

I have to tell you, that these are my most comfortable pants – they’re like wearing a light pair of tracksuit pants (which I won’t be caught dead in out of the house unless I’m actually running).  These definitely have more style, they have a cute button detail at the cuff, and fun satin pockets on the hips (not a look for everyone).  And, most importantly, the crotch is not too dropped (which is one of the things I dislike about many harem pants.

They do have a leg shortening effect, so sometimes I wear them with a wedge heel/platform sandal that elongates my legs.  Here I’ve just got them with a ballet flat as I’m about to duck out to the shops and I’m not one for walking around  all day in heels (my bunions just won’t allow it).

So how to wear this tricky trend if it’s something you’re interested in:

  • Look for a not too low crotch.
  • Wear it as a column of colour (see how I’ve blended my top and bottom so that I have one long line of colour, only broken up by the cardigan.
  • Make sure that they’re not too saggy baggy.
  • Get them in a silk or other gorgeous flowing fabric.
Would you wear them?  Have you fallen in love with harem pants or will you never ever touch them?


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  • Fantastic outfit. The pants are a much better choice than sweats. And I love-love-love that sweater.

  • Last summer I said exactly the same thing – and then I found a pair in Simons in Montreal, and 30 bucks later I was sporting the trend. Mine are 3/4 length – which I think may be a bit easier to wear (though I never wear 3/4 length in any other type of pants). They're black, not too droopy and indeed, they are the most comfortable things I have ever worn. Not that I'd wear them for that reason alone. Tough to wear though… Gotta be really careful about the top.u

  • Nah, I'm not convinced. The silhouette is all wrong (unless you aim to look like an egg). You look great, but the pants are distracting.

    I'm sure they are very comfortable, though.

  • That outfit looks FAR better in real life! The photo does not do you justice.

    Thanks for the 'recolouring'! I am so happy with the new palette and can't wait to start using it in the shops.

    Caroline πŸ™‚

  • Now this is something I definitely wonΒ΄t dream wearing dead or alive; not even were they by YSL or likes. Where and why on earth did this trend come from ?

  • ohh, oh no. Maybe after I've seen the silhouette worn for a couple of years and just about the time they're completely out of style, my eye might adjust to seeing fullness ballooning around my knees and calves.

  • Like you I wouldn't have gone near the trend, but seeing you in those I'm reconsidering πŸ™‚

    Am I right in thinking with my "I"(ish!) type shape they'd be quite good to add some shape on the hips?

  • Like that. Wore them a lot in the past. They have an amazon look. I loved them with boots. I like your look on this picture, it has caracter. You are scupltural. Beautifull.

  • Nope, they're still not on my list. Yours, however, are some of the best I've seen. I think it's the crotch-down-to-the-knees version that makes them so hideous.

  • Although … the one place I could see them working would be at night-time in a cocktail bar somewhere hot and exotic. Heavy silk harem pants with a little strappy top and strappy sandals, red lipstick and sophisticated type of cocktail (i.e., not Sex on the Beach!) could work. In a 1920s film-starry way! πŸ™‚

  • I don't dare say "not me" because as soon as I say that I end up doing whatever. I think if I found the perfect pair I could do it. I can imagine how to do it, and you look fabulous, so you encourage me in my imaginations.

  • I'm coming round to liking them on other people (yourself included, of course!), but I don't think I could wear them myself.

  • I will never, ever, ever wear them. For me it's skinny jeans and leggings all the way! Mind you, Imogen, you rock them girl! It's the old confidence thing. You love them and it shows.

  • I'm sure they're comfy but I'm afraid that even on gorgeous, beautifully-proportioned you, they make a girl look bow-legged and hip-heavy. So a big NO from me.

  • I love this look! I had a pair of MC Hammer pants back in the early 90's when I first moved to NYC at the age of 20. I never thought I would go near that style again but 20 years later, I find the the perfect pair of Harem pants can be forgiving in all the right places. You look fabulous!

  • Ummmm, I think you mean DON'T TOUCH THIS!!!! Those are soooooo 1989….and I should know because I had them!!!

  • Most comfortable pants EVER! It’s a relaxed look and easy to glam up with some chunky jewlry. i have a pair of cropped pants and i always feel modern and edgy when i wear them. Great site/blog too btw! πŸ™‚

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