5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bust Look Bigger Without Plastic Surgery



There are many tricks you can do to visually increase the size of your bust (I don’t think that exercise we used to do when I was 13 really worked – remember that “I must, I must, I must increase my bust” with corresponding arm waving).  Though maybe it did for me?  How am I ever to know?

The one we’re all very aware of is to wear a high neckline.  Crew necks and boat necks will make the bust area appear larger and more prominent.  But what else can you try if you want to enhance this area (and what to avoid if you don’t)?

  1. Any sort of frills or flounces over the bust will visually increase its size.
  2. Gathered necklines (which abound in shops at the moment) will all make the bust look larger.
  3. Sheen and shine draw attention and create a more rounded effect.
  4. Graphic prints, and type will tend to enlarge an area.
  5. Pocket details on the bust also make your boobs look bigger.

So, you can see here are a host of easy tricks to visually enhance the size of your bust without resorting to expensive and painful plastic surgery!


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