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What to you were some of the best and worst fashion moments of the noughties?  What do you want to see more of, what never again?

Fashion Trends I’d Rather Not See Again this Decade

Crocs (except on little kids) – not attractive.  They are fine to wear as a footwear to go boating in, to wear when gardening or some other ‘practical’ use function, but as an everyday shoe, please don’t.

Low, Low Rise Jeans – sorry, don’t like muffin tops.  So many young women decided to squeeze themselves into too tight, low rise jeans, show off their underwear and way too much flesh.

Denim suits – yes I know it’s back in fashion, but I don’t like denim jackets with denim jeans, my personal taste, but then this is my blog.

Pegged/Tapered jeans – the boyfriend look is not a favourite of mine.  The tapered look is less than flattering on many women, and pegging (rolling up the cuffs) shortens your legs, makes you look stumpy.

Pleated Pants – they tend to flare over the hips and spread creating extra bulk, not usually flattering.

Large Plaid Patterns – maybe this is the Australian in me, but large plaid patterns remind me of ‘flannies’ which are typically worn by ‘bogans’ and farmers here.  They just look cheap, no matter how they’re fabricated.  Plus they’re a fairly unflattering pattern to wear for many.

Ugg boots as everyday footwear – yep they’re warm and keep your toes toasty, but they were always meant to be slippers, and that is where they should stay.

Leggings worn as pants – leggings are not pants, they are great to wear under skirts and dresses, but please, keep your tops to mid-thigh or longer when wearing them.  The worst example I saw one day was in Melbourne CBD, a middle-aged woman wearing black control top tights (not even like a legging), with a short white leather jacket and white booties, and you could see her floral underwear peeking through the hosiery.

Obvious advertising – whether it’s the LV or CC or any sort of logo or label on the outside of clothing or accessories, I don’t like it.  I think that if they want me to advertise their product, they should pay me to wear it, rather than me pay them for the ‘privilege’.

Fashion Trends for the 20 teens (aka 2010 - 2020)

More Fashion Trends I’d Like to See This Decade

Bootleg jeans – flattering on so many, always happy to see this style revived.

Longer length cardigans – the kind that go down to mid thigh or just above your knees – can work instead of a jacket, and can create a lovely long line.  If they are shaped and fitted I especially like them.

Mid-rise Jeans and Trousers – not too high, not too low, generally flattering, less muffin top, and less pouch, the way to go.

Vintage and vintage-inspired pieces – this is a great environmental trend, recycle the old to become new again.  Appreciating the past, plus adding some quirk or personality to your look.

So tell me, what do you want to see more and less of in fashion this next decade?




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  • The only "dislike" that I hesitantly disagree with, is the large plaid. I really like the look of a very full plaid skirt, but that's my only caveat.
    I really like the vintage style shoes that are around lately, and certain gladiator sandal styles. Overall, I feel like there have been lots of interesting shoes. Personally, I'd like to see smaller, more structured bags, and better tailored dress bodices.

  • I agree with all of the above and was totally astounded to hear about the control top tights. Eeeew!
    Loving the return of brogues and would love to see a lot more ballet flats. I'm a HIGH heels girl, but am starting to alternate now I'm in my 40's.
    I will always adore animal print, but please ladies, keep it simple and don't go head-to-toe leopard.

  • I'm with you on all of the above except for plaid. I think it's the Scottish Country Dancer in me – I've grown accustomed to seeing plaid in very dressy outfits (particularly kilts) and it's made me grow accustomed to the fabric.

  • I share your thoughts too. The cardigan imo could be a bit shorter, somewhere between the waist and the knees, preferably a thick knit. `Normal high´jeans, girl jeans, the zipper placed on the left side. No more patent leather, glittering bags. I´d like to see shoes with reasonable heels and looks( no kitten heels, platforms or sharp heels ).

  • Agree with both your lists! Would only add I'd like to see more of comfortable, not-too-high attractive shoes. Can't wear nor want to wear the very high heels popular now (but LOVE the ballet flats).

  • Don't: I'd add harmen pants; bags with charms clanking on them, jumpsuits unless you're an Elvis impersonator and all of those extreme high heels which make women incapable of natural movement.

    Wish women would stop wearing fake gold thinking it looks real.

    Do: I long for the return of fine tailoring details in ready to wear clothes: blouses with lapels, coats with bound buttonholes, French seams.

  • I agree with all!
    I'd like to see:
    -More tailored dresses, variations on the shirt-dress.
    -More well tilored high waist skirts.
    -More interesting shoes and boots with a solid not so high heel
    (More platforms with flexible sole).
    -More warm hues. After learning from you on my colours I find there is a dominance of cold colors in stores.
    – More bronze garments on shoes and bags.
    – More pantyhoses (is it the name?) with wide elastic lace at the waist.
    And on the street:
    – Less "disposable" cotton jersey, and more tailored clothes of non elastic fabric.

  • Double ditto to your lists!! Although I do like plaid, as long as it's more "Scottish" less "lumberjack." Uggs have been panned by every fashion mag and expert around here for the last 5+ years, but people keep wearing them around! If you have a cabin – go for it! If you're snuggling around your house – wonderful! Just keep them home. Same with the Croc's.

    I also would add those ridiculous harem pants to the list, and overly distressed, aka "destroyed" denim! I also hate the ripped up leggings and tights that made an appearance last year. Ewww.
    I'd love to see more vintage fashion. Pre-70's, please.

  • I agree with both of your lists, Imogen…one small exception..I have two Chanel handbags & a Chanel tote…two from the early 90's and one from 2004…that have the CC logo on them, although they are fairly subdued…I don't think they look too flashy and I like the CC design on them…
    I also wish too they would come up with nicer dresses for women over 50 that aren't so low cut and short.
    I do like the bootleg cut style of pant and that's pretty much all I wear, considering I am a pear shape. I do like the large necklaces which have been popular lately, they look nice with a simple top.

  • Oooh. I'd love to see more fashionable shoes and boots with heels of 1-2 inches high; clothes for the larger woman that are well-made of lovely fabrics and not cut to look like mumus; shirts that are long enough to not pull out of pants/skirts when tucked in; statement belts.
    Tired of "bling" fashion; low rise pants; puffed sleeves on everything; skulls as a fashion statement (except for pirates).

  • Crocs – Amen – thank you!!!
    Low rise – did hip huggers in the '70's – been there done that – never liked them!
    Pegged/Tapered Jeans – Hallelujah…so bad – glad to see them go!
    Pleated Pants – and can we include harem pants – they do not look good on anyone. Yes, they are comfy, and you can wear them at home, but that's it!
    Obvious Ads – YSL NEVER would have done this while he was at his own house.

  • I totally agree that obvious logos are not a good look – they say "I am for sale" (and the price is pretty low!). I'd love more shoes that look good AND support your feet – eg platforms are great for some height without the wobble. Ballet flats seem to be a fave of yours, but their thin soles just aren't user friendly for we with poorly feet.

  • I agree with the vast majority of your opinions. And, I was ecstatic to see your thoughts on logos. It drives me bonkers when people feel like they NEED a certain type of handbag just because of the logo on it. I'll stick with companies that don't vagrantly flaunt their logos. Thank you very much.

    And thank you on your thoughts about the skinny/pegged pants trend! Why is it that these awful unflattering styles take over and make people think they look good in them?

  • I agree that Crocs are unflattering, especially as a 20-something aspiring professional. I wear Crocs because they're the only shoes that fit my feet. I'm not kidding when I say my feet and toes exactly mimic the shape of the Crocs footbed. I have bony (not fleshy) triangle-shaped, duck feet with a very wide forefoot. This is my natural foot shape! Even Birkenstocks are too narrow for the balls of my feet. Crocs offers women's styles, but they're standard B width, not wider width like I need. Do you have recommendations for finding shoes that fit the shape of my feet? Or is my only solution to save up for expensive bespoke footwear?

  • Nothing new to add, but just some thoughts:

    – Crocs ARE SO CUTE on kids!!!

    – UGGS look comfy, but are very unflattering and should not be considered fashion.

    – I love plaid, but I think it only works in a well-cut, well-tailored piece, like a pretty dress or a good quality shirt.

    – I am seeing an emergence of neon again, and i have to say, I don't like it. I don't think neon is flattering on anyone.

    – I agree with the above poster that said more warmer colours.

  • A look I saw on no less than 6 women on campus last week: cowboy boots worn with either a sundress or with short "Daisy Duke" shorts and a tank top. Apparently this is a fad started by country singer Taylor Swift. I think it's stupid, especially on the middle-aged woman I saw sporting the look. My personal opinion is that seasons should not be mixed. Boots with a summer outfit, or flip flops with a winter outfit (all covered up except for the feet) is not a smart style. Besides, why let your feet freeze in the winter and sweat in the summer? Makes no sense to me!

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