What Shoes Should Be Worn With Ankle Length Pants


Reading through some keywords on my site statistics I discovered that this topic is popular as a search term that brings people to my blog, so I thought, to make future visitors happy when they get here, I’ll write a post on it so there are some answers!

Ankle length pants are hard to wear for many women as they shorten (and often widen) the legs.
If you want longer legs:
Go for a high heel or wedge that blends with the trouser
Alternatively, you can wear a ‘nude’ or skin coloured shoe to avoid distracting the eye to your feet.
Notice how an alternate shoe colour is more shortening
than a similar shoes colour
or a boot (though cuffing the pant as pictured also shortens your legs).
If you want to shorten your legs:
A flat shoe with a high vamp or horizontal detail
or an alternative coloured shoe will draw attention and shorten your legs
When choosing a cropped pant be aware that a wider hem, is more shortening
than a narrower hem.
All these pictures are of models (who have long legs and are taller than average) so they are not an ideal representation of how ankle length pants appear on many women. If you look on shopping websites at cropped trousers they are mostly styled with heels because of their ability to shorten the legs.
All pics from www.nordstrom.com


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  • Thanks – I'm so glad I don't have to entirely give up cropped pants for my short legs. Now I just have to find some flesh-toned, closed-toe, low-heeled slingbacks to wear with them!

  • Ankle length pants are great, but IMO only the ones that are not wide in the bottom. I think that they really ( in these pictures ) look so much nicer with heels. Thank you for sharing!

  • I'd only call the first and third pairs ankle length- at least by the time you add a high heel; they are more what used to be called 'toreador' or low-calf length. 1 1/2 or 2 inches makes a big difference, and when you sit those lower-calf pants hike way up. Abbreviated pants with boots just look weird to me, it's a look I never understood.

  • Although these pics are very helpful for someone who owns ankle-length pants, I have never liked this look. It always appears to me as if something is missing, or the pants are accidentally too short. I personally love tight pants that are too long so that they scrunch at the ankle, but you have to be tall and slim to wear them. I think the worst look is short, wide pants over boots. Gah! Good post though, Imogen! There are so many of these pants around that I am sure I'm in the minority 🙂

  • Violet – don't have to be closed toe!

    Metscan – you are tall so they'd suit you.

    Sal – thanks

    LPC – thanks

    Duchesse – just trying to find pics with different shoe types – without taking photos myself – limited by what is on offer on the internet.

    K.Line – thanks

    Rosina – they're not my cup of tea either – but it's not necessarily about what I personally want to wear or like. I too prefer the longer variety – to me they just look like pants that have shrunk or no longer fit properly.

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  • How about blogging sn article dedicated to avoiding trends? There isn’t a shoe out there that will make you look good in these things. I had to plead with my sister in law not to wear these atrocious “pants” to my wedding. Hey, she asked for my opinion….why would anyone want to intentionally shorten their legs?

  • hi there, i think people want ankle pants for this reason: we are career women not in our 20s who have to getup early in the morning and want to look trendy so that we feel in fashion and “young”. When the temperature outside gets hot, it sucks because nice tailored traditional pants are not as cool in the hot, hot summer. BUT, we do not want to wear a shorter skirt to show our unshaven, lily white legs! So, we have no choice but to find an alternative. W can wear a super long skirt, but that is as attractive on women as ankle pants, so where is the solution? I’d LOOOOOVE to see photo suggestion of what career women can wear in the summer to look fashionable but that keeps their legs covered because the skin does not look tan and flawless like young people and it takes me long enough just to keep my FACE looking good. Same concept as wearing a cardigan to over my aging arms. Any ideas??? Thank you!!!!!

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