Review – Elle MacPherson Intimates D – G cup range


I posted last week that I was excited to see that Elle MacPherson Intimates had brought our a range of bras up to a G cup – so today I went for a test drive – unfortunately the hype doesn’t live up to the reality.

What I noticed first was that for a larger cup bra they felt very flimsy – we bigger girls need some serious strength in our lingerie and the very fine laces and elastics just didn’t cut it.
When I tried the bras on (and I tried 3 different styles) there was NO lift at all (and I need lift), so my breasts sat low and flat and kind of wide at the bust peak – not attractive.
A well fitting bra needs to have the underwire fit firmly against the chest at the cleavage point – these bras did not do this either – so there was no separation either – and who wants a flat mono-boob?
Pretty as the styles may be, I’ll definitely not be buying any as they just don’t work for me. I don’t find generally that Bendon (who make the Elle bras) work for me particularly well, but I do have a few Freya they they also produce.
They are what I’d call boudoir bras – pretty for the boudoir, but not up for everyday wear.
If you want a more comprehensive review – check out , The Bra Queen who also road tested the entire range.


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  • Oh you're so right we do need serious support. But oh for some really PRETTY bras in those bigger sizes.
    From my experience it's only the imported ones such as those sold at Brava in Prahran in Melbourne that WILL cut the mustard but even they still don't quite hit the pretty enough target!

  • I found that they may have been pretty on the hanger however once you put them on ALL prettiness left because they just look so bad on. I wouldn't even wear them in the boudoir!
    I just reviewed Brava's range I will be publishing them in the next couple of weeks.

    Bra Queen xx

  • So sorry about the bras you checked. I have `little girls´( what fun of an expression ), and I have found a fabulous brand: Lise Charmel ! After discovering this brand I threw all my old stuff out of the window and am totally devoted to the brand. Beautiful, excellent lingerie that can be machine washed and turns up brand new. I don´t know about their sizing, but the support is great. The bad news is that Lise Charmel is expensive and sold only in Europe, but if you contact them ( they have a site on net ), maybe you can get more info. My SA told me, that LS is the Rolls Royce of lingerie.

  • Lise Charmel bras are the most beautiful bras, also wear Barbara, another French brand- but only buy them there as twice the price in North America.

    For an everyday functional supportive bra that is not irredeemably ugly I love the Olga Sheer Tapestry minimizer, which vanishes under clothes, gives serious support and no monoboob. Available via online retailers like Bare Necessities and FreshPair, About $35.

    Imogen, a friend of mine in the business calls your boudoir bras "three minute bras".

  • awww, bummer. sad to hear it. i am also really picky about how my larger girls look in most bras… can't stand to be point, monoboobed or flattened!

  • You know, I suspected as much. Too bad though! I love Freya – the bras are fun/sexy and they are properly engineered for large breasts. I know not every range fits every sort of chest properly, but they really work for me.

  • BraQueen – boudoir in the dark?

    Metscan – next time I'm in Europe I'll check them out!

    Duchesse -thanks for the tips.

    La Belette – oh well -can't have everything!

    Thrifty Stylist – yes – foundations make the biggest difference to the total look don't they!

    K.Line – I had some brilliant Freya bras that were great, but then I bought some others more recently and they just haven't been as comfortable (by end of the day I'm dying to get them off).

  • Sorry to hear the EM did not pass your test. Apparently the combination of elements that feed into my bra size are too complicated for easy shopping, so I hear ya.

    FYI, Eveden–who make Goddess, Fantasie, Freya–have a relatively new line that goes up to 46G. Reviews of the styles HerRoom sells have been pretty good.

    Elomi line:,bras,Elom01,001,23.html

    I am actually totally addicted to the HerRoom owner's blog, which has some great behind-the-scenes stuff on bra manufacturing/construction.

    So as another FYI, the seamless technology Maidenform is pushing via their Total Solution with Smartzone construction (and licensing to stupid VS) is also available in their larger-sized Lilyette line as "Absolute Solution."

    Which come on, we know is a lie. But hey, it's an option!

  • I: Do you think the construction has changed (are they new styles)? Could it be that your shape has changed and they just don't work anymore? I really hope that they aren't messing with perfection!

    PS – By the end of the day I'm always happy to get out of my bras because I wear them like corsetry! I like a tight band (not hideously tight – but secure). That's not so comfy after 8 hours…

  • Unfortunately, although the Elle McP bras look cute and how I wish I could wear them, they do not really offer support – have found that Freya or Fantasie are definitely the best…. Or, (and these are expensive and I get them when in UK) Prima Donna ….. Italian make very pretty and great shape – NO mono boobs and wonderful support too.

  • Vix – thanks for the link – will look into it!

    K.Line – my favourite style was discontinued (boo hoo) and their other bras just don't seem to fit as well (or have the same great shape). Talking to a friend who is in the know about these things she said they may have changed factory and that can alter them, even if they're using the same pattern.

    This is my current favourite/most comfortable bra

    Londyn – thanks for coming by!

    Anoninoz – thanks for commenting – I love Fantasie too (see above), next time I'm in the UK will have to look into those other bras!

    Deja – in general I've given up on 'pretty' sad but true!

  • Oh, I, I've been wearing that one for years – it's my seamless nude bra! It's so excellent. Here it costs about 100 bucks but it's entirely worth it, even if its not fancy..

  • Kline – I buy mine from – even with the exchange rate and postage it's cheaper than buying them here!

    Sallymandy – anything in particular you'd like to know?

  • I wandered into Bendon Lingerie (in Westfield Doncaster) and was over the mooon to find they stocked realistic sizes – I am a 14G and it is very hard to find pretty Bras that support me that are affordable. I walked out of the shop with 3 Fayreform (2 were marked at 60% off) and 1 Elle McP (for fun only… not really supportive).

  • I like Bravissimo and Less Bounce over here in the UK. Really like a nude, padded no seams showing, T shirt bra for style and modesty to feel confident for every day wear. Clothes are so sheer today, they show everything, so the fancy coloured lace items aren’t suitable for daily wear, especially under white shirts.

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