Happiness is … Happy Kids


This week my kids have been on school holidays and so, the joys of being self-employed, taken some time off to spend time with them.

Some of the things they’ve done this week that have made me happy:
1. I was cuddling my son Aston on the couch (which always makes me happy) and he asked me what day of the week it was, then he said he wished it was Friday – when I asked him why, he said with cheeky grin “you, me, cuddling in bed” as Friday is of course the start of the weekend and he comes and sleeps in bed one night with us. It seems like this is the highlight of his week.
2. We went up to the Dandenong Ranges and there was a Fairy doing some magic and storytelling. Even though Niamh started out not keen to watch (she tends to be shy), it wasn’t long before she started to laugh and enjoy herself. I enjoyed watching her little smiley face as she enjoyed the fairy show.
3. The kids helped me clean out their toy boxes and sort them all, donating a couple of large bags of toys, plus filling another large bag with broken toys and other detrius that accumulates. Even though I didn’t enjoy the actual process, seeing the final results is gratifying and something I can tick off my list of things to do.
4. We’ve had some play dates with the kids friends this week – it’s great for me as I get to catch up with the other mums and because they’re playing with their friends they’re happily occupied and not bored.
What has made you happy this week?
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  • Your post made me happy. I remember the time my children were small. It has been the happiest time in my life. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday. The past week has been challenging, the timetables ( which are important for me ) have gone all wrong, but I have survived. That´s something to be happy about!

  • Your children are adorable. Enjoy every minute with them because that special time passes so quickly.
    As much as I loved the time that my kids were small, I enjoy them so much now that they are adults.
    There's nothing like going over to your child's house and having him cook dinner for you!

  • I have always found that the real happy moments sneak up on one. When we plan a big outing, they somehow sense it and seem to mess it all up with bad attitude. When we spring it on them as a surprise they are absolutely flabbergasted and really, really grateful.

  • I always loved joint mothering, otherwise known as playdates. Kids are near, but occupied. There's another adult around for talking to. Ah.

  • How lovely, Imogen! Your children are so sweet. I love the idea of the little boy snuggling in bed on Fridays.

    I agree with enjoying this precious time that moves too fast but, you know, you will always be a mother and always in that special role where your wisdom prevails and guides them. Yesterday, my 22-year-old daughter walked out of a job. She had been working for a very well known restaurant chain for a year, and they were using her…she was working every lunch and dinner, and "on call" when she had a rare day off. No medical or other perks as they kept her one hour underneath the minimum (b*stards!). She stayed there as, being a great server, she made good tips. Now, why am I writing this here? This is YOUR blog for heaven's sake! Anyway, she was upset, and her S.O. was also upset as they have rent to pay. So she called me looking for advice and got it. I felt like a mum…and although it hurt me to have her hurt like this, there is a little pleasure in being able to provide the benefit of experience combined with the love of a mother.

  • My mother always says she loves seeing us happy- and I love sitting down with a cup of tea and telling her about my day. Win-win situation.

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