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  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOLOLOLOL! I love the last frame where the little "Jamaican" boy runs into the picture! And where she yells "Mother ______!" upon applying the cream! Hilarious.

  • Tattoos. This didn´t make me laugh. I have never understood why people take them. I so associate them with the jail guys and seamen, but why does a pretty girl have her skin spoiled ? Maybe I´m old-fashioned, but I´m glad my daughters have left that craze behind them. It is terribly difficult to erase tattoos, no cream will do the job, as we all know. How do you other people feel about tattoos?

  • Love it, and it's sadly oh so true.

    I used to work with a young teacher who had a tattoo with her husband's name on her lower back – it looked pretty tacky, and it was always visible because she was often bending over to help the children in class. Her husband's name was Andy. When they got divorced she talked about getting it removed, and I jokingly said she should just get the letter R put at the beginning of it. Guess what? She did it, and when she was reprimanded by the Headteacher she blamed me!! Can you believe it?! It's funny now though…

  • Metscan – I so hope my kids don't get into tattoos or those horrible ear stretching ear piercing things that some are into these days (showing my age and boringness here).

    NotSupermum – love your story!

    Maria: https://insideoutstyleblog.com give that a whirl!

  • My link doesn't work for your blog postings either. I'll have to see what's going on.

    Speaking of tattoos: A doctor I know told me that he once operated on a woman in the Czech Republic who had the name of all her lovers tattooed down her thighs. #1 was right at the top and they went down in order of "arrival." How insane is that?

  • That video was hilarious!

    I have a small black tattoo on my shoulder. I love it, and no-one (except my partner) ever sees it, since I'm Pale McBurny and don't tend to expose a lot of skin.
    But, like most things, there are some really dreadful tattoos out there, and some tattoos that will not age well.
    I'm thinking of getting another tattoo to celebrate getting my PhD, but I'll certainly take care not to have it placed on an area that is terribly visible, or where I'm likely to gain weight (I'm thinking the other shoulderblade). I have friends with lower-back tattoos, and I can see that's not going to end (heh) well.

    Here is a gallery of science-related tattoos, for another, nerdier, perspective: http://tinyurl.com/5dex6p

  • This reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:

    "Two elderly women were in a beauty salon getting their hair done, when in walked a pretty young thing wearing a low cut blouse that revealed a
    beautiful rose tattooed on one breast.

    One woman leaned over to the other and said, "Poor thing. She doesn't know it, but in 30 years she'll have a long-stemmed rose in a hanging basket."

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