How to Add Shape and Curve to Your Long Slim Legs


How to dress your longer legs

I’ve been asked by one of my lovely readers to do a post to help her make the most of her long slim legs, without looking Mutton Dressed as Lamb.

1. Wear shoes with detail and ankle straps – all those gladiator shoes will work for you. Just ensure that the straps are finer rather than thick to keep your scale balanced, avoid ankle straps if you have thicker ankles and calves.
2. Wear either knee-length or longer calf-length skirts to draw attention to your calves and give them some extra curve.
3. Boots that stop mid-calf are also an option if you have slim calves. If you find most boots look like gumboots/rainboots/wellington boots on you try who make to measure for your calf from 30cm right up to 50cm!
4. Cuffs on trousers – if you love a wide leg trouser, a cuff can add some style and also weight to the hem.
6. Straight cut slim jeans with a long tunic top and either flats or heels will make your legs a focus.
7. If you have larger calves wear skirts that come to the bottom of your calf with either a boot in winter or low vamp shoe or sandal in summer.


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  • Thanks Imogen for your advice. However I don't think boots at mid-calve lenght are an option: if one has slim legs, boots are always too wide.
    If you picture me, think 'peanut on toothpicks'.
    The measurement of my legs are,
    tighs 55cm, calves 33cm, ankles 21 cm.
    My lenght is 175 cm
    I never ever have found styling tips for skinny legs.

  • I respect that every body-type has its own unique challenges, but I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the title to this post. Request for future post: how to slim and add length to short fat legs.

    Oh, and Duo Boots are great for all leg types!

  • Imogen, a big thank you for your post ! I really liked the idea of the boots with ankle straps. The difficulty is to find a nice,elegant pair ( my size would be Italian 40.5). I have never before even thought about mid-calve length, most are too wide. I will have to check duoboots too ( do they deliver to Europe )? And yes, I like -they called them midi in the old days-skirts, but it seems that they have not been `in fashion´lately. You gave me some homework now, and I´m so pleased. Thank you once more!

  • I am petite but with very long legs (31" inseam). We do indeed have our struggles! If you have long legs, odds are likely that you have a short torso and therefore no waist like a tomato on toothpicks! Love these tips as they will help me take the focus off my thick upper half and on to my lower half.

  • I really like to wear my jeans cuffed up to where the calf is supposed to be it´s widest. Full length pants, especially if they get wide in the bottom, I simply find impossible to wear.

  • Metscan – yes they ship to Europe – if you got to the top of the website and click on the bit about UK, you will find the site is in lots of different languages and ships everywhere!

    and a rolled up cuff will work with long slim legs!

  • Hi Imogen ! I do have one suggestion for a post yet. I was reading Deja´s site and two women were wondering this same question too. Why do clothes look so different on us now ( even if we have maintained our figure ) than they did in our youth? I´m 50+ and would like to know what is definitely not suitable for my age to wear and then again, what is. I´m sure this subject would benefit many of us. Thanks you!

  • Anonymous – you may laugh, but those with very slim legs often feel that their legs are too slim for the body and don't want them to be seen.

    Metscan – interesting, I'll have a think.

  • Well that post is for me. Right before the summer I saw a woman in a store with long legs, dressy shorts right above the knee and boots that came up to her calves. I've been trying to duplicate that look ever since. Now I read here that it works for me. (and I have to wait until fall now for the boots anyways!

  • Imogen you have great advice especially for someone like me who has large calves. What to do about substantial cankles though?

  • Thank you for this post. I am not tall at all, average height at best, 5 foot 6 inches. For an asian I guess Im considered tall? But my inseam measures 32in. I have a lot of trouble finding things that fit and will look good. Im slowly learning how to dress myself, Im sorta like Barbie my sister dresses me. But thanks for the post it helps to understand.

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