Flippin’ the Collar


The lovely Karen asked me to write a post about Collar Flipping, Cuff Rolling and Shirt Tying – so here are my thoughts.
To Flip or Not to Flip – that is the question!

Collar flipping (that is standing up the collar of your shirt), can make your neck look longer (provided that the shirt isn’t buttoned up too high – only button up to no higher than near the top of your cleavage), as it frames your face. It’s a style that works for some (and others just feel plain stupid doing it), it’s a more dramatic statement, so if you’re very relaxed and casual in your personality, it’s probably not for you. Your collar needs to be starched to do it, and I’d guess that the relaxed people I know don’t iron, let alone use starch!

The other benefit of collar flipping is that it covers an older neck, and it also creates a more upward movement and line, drawing the eye up (not down) and as gravity is always trying to pull us down, upward lines are great.

Cuff rolling – lets start with sleeves – this will make your outfit look more relaxed and less classic, so if you’re feeling a bit overdressed, try unbuttoning your cuffs and rolling them up – it also says “I’m a hard worker”. The other benefit of it, is it makes your legs look longer, so if you have a longer body and shorter legs, go for it!
A rolled cuff on a jacket where you see a great lining can also be great to add some personality to your outfit.

Cuff rolling – trousers – unless you have super long legs, DON’T DO IT! It will make you look stumpy as it creates big horizontal lines which visually shorten, what might already be on the shorter side. NEVER EVER roll up jeans – if they are too long have them professionally shortened. The different colour on the inside of a pair of jeans will just draw way too much attention. Please, I implore you to take this little piece of advice. Do you notice how in the pic she’s got super high heels on to try and gain back some of the length her legs are losing with the cuff rolling – if you’re a flat shoe wearer, it’s an extra DON’T!

Shirt Tying – so you’ve got an oversized shirt, or one that hasn’t got enough shaping, if you have a longer or slim waist, go on and tie that knot – it will emphasise your waist and draw attention to it. But – I’d advise you only do it over a tank top or something that covers your stomach (unless you’re under 21 and have a fantastic stomach). It’s suitable for the A, X and 8 Shapes, and possibly a small waisted V, but should be avoided by H and O’s.


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  • Great post, good job! I have my pants hem rolled so tiny, is the style locally, but after they wash I think they will be ankle length. the wide cuff is daggy.

  • Thanks Karen,

    Tis the trend to roll pants everywhere at the moment – unfortunately it doesn’t make if any more flattering.

    Trends are created to look great on the very tall, very slim model, not on the average woman – more’s the pity!

  • Imogen – I was really to pleased to see the thinking behind your “to flip/roll or not” post. So often when someone poses this type of question to an “expert”, the answer has little or nothing to do with how the wearer will look, and everything to do with what’s “cool” or “trendy” at the moment (or what the expert thinks is cool/trendy).

  • Christine – thanks for dropping by my blog and posting as well.

    To me it’s important to only wear the trends that actually suit us, not because some stylist or fashion magazine tells us that we should.

    Take the bits of each trend that work for you and ignore the rest – that’s how you’ll look the best.

  • I find myself nearly always rolling my jeans. I´d like to have a pair that narrows towards the ankle and ends about there. But all I find is boot-cuts,low- waists, so the rolling is a must for me. I´m 5ft 10 and have long legs and am slim. I don´t want to walk in flats,must have heels under me.

  • Metscan – with your height you can get away with the rolled cuff on jeans, but there are options out there for you – there is a great website http://www.makeyourownjeans.com
    where you can actually put in your measurements and choose your fit and have them made – great quality too – I know many who have used the service and they all say it’s excellent!

  • Just wandered over! I do not flip my collar as it just isn’t me. I also do not roll my pants unless it is raining and they are going to get wet! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    I like the wardrobe essential picture. Pictures always make it better.

  • This is a very helpful post. I rarely flip the collar, occasionally I will flip the collar of a blouse worn with a blazer.

    But the one I really had a question about was the waist tying — for me it seems so normal, but without anyone else wearing it, I was wondering if I’d look too conspicuous. Now I’m thinking it would just look normal, since it’s so suitable for me.

  • Rebecca – with your lovely long waist you’ll look fabulous with the waist tie.

    Julianne – thanks so much for stopping by at my blog – please come back another time and if you’d like any specific questions answer, do let me know.

  • I’ve always wanted to be a ‘collar flipper’ but have left it to the more sophisticated types, now I may have to try it.

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