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I’m happy to be sharing the Stylish Thoughts from East San Fransisco Bay Area, USA based blogger Lisa who writes Coast to Coast 2

What is the secret to great style?

I think our style is ever evolving as we age. Learning what works for your body type and what doesn’t is a crucial part of defining your style, but making sure you feel comfortable and confident is key.

What is the one thing you would spend a lot of money on?

A nice purse. I prefer to have a couple of nice handbags versus a bunch of cheaper trendy ones.

What is the one thing you wouldn’t spend a lot of money on?

Jeans. I love me some jeans, and I’ve tried to find a pair of “premium denim”, but have yet to find a pair to justify the price. There are so many terrific affordable options available.

What are your top tips for looking stylish when traveling?

Great question! There are two things I want to achieve when traveling. I want to look stylish and put together, but also comfortable. Since I typically am traveling by plane I always want to dress in layers, make sure I have on comfortable pants and have a cute bag for carry on.

What’s the secret to looking polished?

Lipstick and mascara! I don’t care what you are wearing, if you have on your lipstick and mascara, you are going to look more put together.

Who inspires you?

I love getting inspiration from other bloggers both younger and older. I think it’s important to keep in mind age appropriateness when recreating looks though.

What’s your secret to making yourself stand out?
I think it would be my smile. I have what my husband calls a “big toothy grin” and it’s what he was first attracted to. A big smile conveys warmth and that’s a characteristic I’d like to be known for.

The one piece of advice most women need but don’t get?

Take care of you! Women have a tendency to take care of everyone around them and forget about themselves. It’s okay to take time for yourself and take care of yourself. After all, “
“If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”?

What is your favourite current trend?

I think I’d say all the fun details available on jeans. I love all the frayed hems, some distressing or another distinguishing characteristic.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my style is polished-casual. Most days you will find me in a pair of cute jeans, stylish shoes, a fun top, and accessories to finish the look.

You can also find Lisa on Instagram at CoasttoCoast2



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