What to Wear After You’ve Had a Baby – 7 Easy Style Tips for New Mums



The obsession with Kate Middleton post birth of Prince George abounds on each media outlet. I admire her for appearing in her first public outing with the new prince not strapped up in shapewear to give us the impression that just hours after the birth she’s snapped back to her pre-pregnancy flat stomached ways.

For the vast majority of women, sit ups and abdominal exercises are the furthest things from our minds after we’ve just had a baby, and when that little tacker keeps you up half the night and tiredness is all you can think about, and your pre-pregnancy wardrobe doesn’t fit you given the extra weight you’ve gained during your pregnancy (completely, utterly normal), then how do you dress to feel – not pregnant anymore, but still comfortable and practical by in a stylish way.

I remember that I was keen to move away from my maternity wardrobe as quickly as possible, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on clothing that wasn’t going to be worn for long.  You may already have some of these pieces in your existing wardrobe you could seek out.  Otherwise these are some key pieces to look for that will keep you going for a long time.


Practical Style Tips for the New Mum
  1. Look for tops that stretch but don’t cling to your tummy – avoid belts and tucking at this time
  2. Look for skirts made from jersey and ponti pants
  3. Look for tops that drape gently over your tummy – chiffon can be great for this!
  4. Busy, dense patterns can disguise lumps and bumps (and little stains too!)
  5. Look for fabrics that are wash and wear – no ironing or fussing in the laundry
  6. Keep wearing your maternity jeans until they’re too big, just throw on a tunic top over the top
  7. A wide waistband on a jersey skirt or trouser will help to hold in your tummy

Jewellery is generally difficult to wear with babies as they like to grab and pull.  So patterns can replace them for their hero status, and look for tops with interesting necklines which can act as built in jewellery.

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