5 Things You Should Stop Doing Now to Instantly Improve Your Style

Find Fashion Frustrating?

Without realising it, even though you’re an intelligent woman you’re most likely making at least one of five really common style mistakes that are stealing your style and holding you back from feeling like the most confident and attractive version of you.

And I know that as a smart, visionary professional woman you want to feel more confident because you want to step out into the spotlight and let the world see your brilliance and expertise.

There is so much fluff in fashion it’s hard to know what’s great advice and what should be avoided which is why I’ve put together my new style masterclass to share with you

Is this you?

  • Every morning you stand in front of your wardrobe wishing and hoping that a stylish outfit combination that makes you look like a million dollars will appear magically?
  • You shop for new clothes and  feel frustrated (seriously how in all the stores with hundreds of garments can you not find anything) and think there must be something wrong with you?
  • Or you shop and bring home another item of clothing that you thought was OK in the store, but suddenly in  your closet it’s really not as great as you thought it was?
  • You wish you had a style that elevated your confidence and your life but you are not sure how to go about figuring out what it is?

If you said YES as you related to any of these then you need to join me for my new style masterclass

5 Things You Should Stop Doing Now to Instantly Improve Your Style

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


Why shopping for clothes is so frustrating

and exactly what you’re doing completely wrong when you’re in the stores (or online) and coming home with either “it’ll do” clothes 😫  or empty-handed.


Which of your current clothes shopping strategies

are really harming your style and making you waste a heap of money on all the wrong things!


Exactly why you should ignore most of the fashion advice

you ever see, hear or read about regarding what you need in your wardrobe and why that advice is making you waste a lot of money.


One thing you may be overlooking

that is holding your style back in a big way.


Why this one common thought

is the reason you have problems with your style and how you can change your perspective and thinking about it in a few easy steps!

black and white wardrobe

Have You Lost Your Sense of Style?

If you’ve been living in activewear, gone all black and white and bland or just lost your sense of style (or maybe feel you never had one) then don’t miss this masterclass as you’ll discover these 5 common pitfalls that are steering you in the completely wrong direction.

If you’re feeling frumpy but not sure where to start, this masterclass is will explain the reasons how you’ve ended up where you are now and what simple changes you can make to flip your style switch.

Plus you’ll discover my tried-and-true strategies and the actions to take that will get your style back on track so you can shop smarter and feel more confident and inspired.

Do you wish you could …

Walk into any room knowing you look great and feeling confident and at ease?

Imagine opening your wardrobe and looking forward to dressing in any of the range of outfit options you have stored inside?

Say that good enough is no longer OK and you want to love getting dressed every day?


Then you have to discover these 5 common style pitfalls (and their consequences) that are holding back your style.

Imogen Lamport personal stylist and image expert

A Personal Invitation from Imogen ...

As a global industry award winner and internationally certified image professional, I’ve been helping women define their personal style and build wardrobes full of clothes they love to wear and that love them back, that give them confidence and an improved sense of self-esteem, for almost two decades.

I’ve spoken to thousands of women who have told me their style woes and how having lost their style, or have never been able to really find it, makes them feel not good enough and has a negative impact on their self-esteem.

As an introvert who has never felt like she really fits in.  And I know what it’s like to feel unconfident and a wall-flower, yet have a huge desire to be seen as the competent expert in my field that I am.  I’ve discovered the power of style and image for myself and have also seen the results for my clients too as they step into their own power after nailing down their authentic style.

This brand new masterclass exposes the 5 most common mistakes I see women making because they are not aware of these pitfalls.


  • If you want to discover these 5 mistakes so that you can immediately STOP making them
  • Find out the actions you DO need to take instead to improve your personal style

Then this masterclass is for you and I can’t wait to share my tried and tested style tips and tricks with you to help you look and feel more stylish every single day.

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See you there!

If you don't know where you're going wrong, you can never get it right!

The first step is discovering where you’re going wrong and what action steps you can take to get on the right path.

Your style should make you feel confident and have you showing up looking like the expert you are so that you feel comfortable taking up space in a room, being seen rather than shrinking yourself down.

Your style should help you to open doors and expose you to new opportunities.

Your style is a powerful tool and I want to teach you how to harness it to its full potential to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re not loving your outfit today or if you frequently lament to yourself “what will I wear?” or wonder why you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear

Then you need to watch this free masterclass.

I can’t wait to share my insights and decades of experience with you to get your style back on track!