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Rebellious Personality Dressing Style

Your base personality dressing style is at the core of your style, leave it out of any outfit and you just won’t feel right. So let’s jump right into the style so you can understand more about what you’re looking for.

Understanding The Rebellious Personality Dressing Style

The message of the Rebellious style is that you’re subversive, unconventional, and will not play by the regular rules.  Your style always expresses that nobody can tell you want to wear or think.

Key elements of the style include a desire to push the boundaries and not be confined to societal norms or to follow the standard style rules.  This means you will be looking for clothes that are the opposite of the classic and conservative.  From underwear as outerwear, to studded leather, your style may be alluring and sexy or exude a subculture such as punk, rock chick, or goth.

You’ll find black is a staple of your wardrobe along with leather and lace together (Madonna epitomised the Rebellious Dressing Style when she first broke onto the music scene).  You may like the danger of animal prints, adorn yourself with tattoos, and like your style to be subversive.

Your accessories are unique and unconventional.  Metalware such as studs on bags and shoes, the safety pin as jewellery, along with bondage-style accessories are common.    You will go for that skull print scarf, the spider earrings and zip adorned motorcycle boots.

Your grooming, like you, is not conservative.  Black eyeliner in spades, or an edgy undercut hairstyle or tousled bedhead hair are all possibilities you play with.

Your Full Personal Style Report covers:

  • Personal Style base
  • Classic Style Communicates
  • Key Elements
  • Classic Accessories
  • Grooming

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