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“I am having fun and have already learned plenty. Your guide and workbook, where I was challenged to examine the image I’d like to project through my clothes was something I’d never done before. And I was able to see the outfits I’d been wearing did or did not project that image. After that I began to see that I already owned many items I loved and could wear in my closet and now, with the daily challenges, I am trying out new things and “amping” up my style! This is the best money I’ve ever spent!”

M North

“I finished the 31 Day Style Challenge today. It’s been great! I’m still a bit shy about using Facebook but I’ve taken a photo each day and made notes. I can definitely see an evolution across the photos, for the better. I have become more of a risk-taker in terms of what I mix and match (am wearing much more of what is in my wardrobe) and am also much more clear now about what doesn’t suit me.
It’s the best money I have spent in a long time.”

Belinda,  Australia

“I love getting great feedback on outfits after being nudged out of my rut by the challenges  which are well designed to make me think about all the elements of style  as a whole and not as each component to  help me save money by buying great pieces and not ‘that’ll do’ pieces.”

Robin, USA

“The challenge helped me evaluate my clothing more effectively and taught me a lot about working with my own coloring.”

Jenny Jarrard, USA

“Imogen Lamport’s 31 Day Style Challenge is like a workout for you and your wardrobe. Whether you are in need of a little toning or a full-on transformation, you will find your own level of style fitness by participating in the fun daily challenges to do at your own pace. Imogen provides a reference point for advice if needed, personally and through her blog and feedback on your outfit choices comes from the whole group, in a positive and supportive online environment. What more could a girl want?”

Sue from Newcastle, Australia

“A wardrobe challenge is just what I needed, and no doubt many other women too! A great tribute to your work Imogen that you can challenge/ inspire women from many countries to ‘evolve their personal style,’ Each day we are challenged to contemplate our style and stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone. I am sharing the challenges with the girls at work and we are all hanging fun. A positive influence in the workplace…. Quite a buzz each morning. Thank you again. ‘I am woman hear me roar…..”

Rose from Victoria, Australia

“I love how much I’ve gained confidence by experimenting in a safe environment in a great community of women. I’ve found the daily drip feed of ideas and tips is the right pace for me and Evolve  Your Style has really helped building my self-esteem.”

Angela, Australia

“Imogen presents a wardrobe challenge everyone needs to do at least once. Style, colour & coordination concepts to improve self-confidence. Loving the challenge”.

Denise from Country Victoria, Australia

Start Evolving Your Style Today!

The Evolve your Style Challenge by Imogen Lamport is like meeting up with a bunch of ‘the girls’ and having some fun ‘us time’. I have followed Imogen’s blog for a long time but find the daily challenge is inspiring in a different way. For a few minutes per day I have been creatively challenged to shake it up a bit and put together my clothes and accessories in new and fun ways. Who knew I could have a blast shopping my closet? I love hearing from my new friends and laughing along with them as we share some of the same insecurities. Follow along or post like crazy. You’ll have fun either way!

Melissa, USA

Because I’m already confident about dressing I tend to have a surplus of style moves I can select from and it looks creative to others. But I’m bowled over at how much I am learning from these seemingly ordinary daily style challenges. They do often go against the grain of my style preferences but by not giving up and sticking with it until I “solve” it, it has unleashed tremendous creativity that I myself can recognize. I wouldn’t say that it has altered my style, something I wasn’t after, but it has intensified it and that pleases me a great deal.

Phyllis from New Jersey USA

This challenge makes me look forward to putting outfits together while trying to step out of my comfort zone.

Katie from Michigan USA

“I am so glad that I chose to participate in Imogen Lamport’s 31 Day Style Challenge. Each day I look forward to receiving my email with the next day’s challenge. I have learned so much more than I ever expected to, and it is only coming up to Day 5! As a just over fifty-year-old, I was in a bit of a style rut, with a daily uniform of the same jeans and tops worn most days. Imogen’s challenge had me back in the wardrobe picking out things that hadn’t seen the light of day for a long while and putting outfits together in new and more stylish ways. It has me dressing nicely each day and feeling great. Compliments from family and strangers let me know I am on the right track, and I even learned how to pose for a photo, rather than be my usual wooden self. The feedback from Imogen and from a totally wonderful group of like-minded ladies has me on a journey of fashion discovery. I’ve noticed that myself and others on this journey are looking more relaxed, years younger and a lot happier. I highly recommend Evolve Your Style”

Michelle from Sydney, Australia

“It’s so much fun doing the Evolve Your Style challenge, knowing that I am a part of a group of people from all over the world that are trying out new things in new ways daily- from our own closets!”

Candace from Chicago, USA

5 Things I love about the Evolve Your Style Challenge

1. I like that it forces you to think about your existing clothes, accessories in a different way. Like building an outfit around a necklace, rather than adding one on at the end.
2. That it’s not about buying an entirely new wardrobe, but about working with what you already have.
3. Going on from that, it makes you realise WHY you don’t wear certain items, & why others are favourites. I think of these as ‘Aha!’ moments when something clicks into place – so far, for me – it’s been about realising a signature element (e.g. I’m a statement ear-ring girl)
4. The support and positive comments from the other EYSers. And often creative solutions. E.g – I tried a statement necklace the first time around which I loved, but never wore. And someone gave me some feedback on how the scale was probably too big for me in relation to my features, & sent a link for suggestions on how to modify it to suit me.
5. That you can do it at your own pace, when it works for you. Because sometimes life gets in the way, & as much as we love the challenges – sometimes there just isn’t the mental bandwidth to do it. And that’s ok. Just pick it up again when it does work for you.  

Tanya from USA

“It is like instagram for real people, with individual style feedback. Not ones who have a model figure, or promoted designer goods, a professional.photographer and photoshop. But real women, young and old, slender and curvy, beginners and advanced. It is like having a place to share your outfits and questions with a group of friends you have never met, yet share your interest in style. Helpful and supportive. A place to learn and grow, and watch others blossom. A place to share our knowledge, gain inspiration from others, understand why. Drop in when you want or can. Take a rest or come back. The door is open to those who want to stay and play or just want to gaze in from the side lines; you just get so much more out of it by taking part. “

Ruth from the UK

One of my favourite things from doing Evolve Your Style more than once is that the temperature dropped 5-10 degrees and I wasn’t sure what to wear today so I looked back through my outfit photos until I found one that was perfect to use as a base. Then I pulled out that outfit and added a jacket and different shoes and I was ready. (In the past there would have been a pile of discarded clothes on my bed). 
I also love that I know why I am wearing each piece of the outfit.   I know that the outfit suits my body type and so I feel less envious of the styles that other people can wear and more appreciative of the ones I can.  I like seeing how other members have developed their style; and finally, I like gaining new information about style gradually, one piece at a time.  

Chris from Australia

Best thing I’ve done in a long time – the EYS Challenge and then moving on to the Seven Steps program! Just yesterday, I had dinner with a friend right after work and she said “Your style really suits you.” Music to my ears!  

Liz from the USA

Start Evolving Your Style Today!