The program acted as an assertation of my personal style, a great gift, thank you!

Everywhere I look there is plenty of advice on how to look and wear what someone else wants me to wear; only your teachings and principles work for everyone and I’ve never felt obliged to look like someone else.

Bernadette, USA

Visualise Your Style is amazing! Opened my eyes to colour combinations that sing to me … and textures.

I’d always equated texture with sloppy dressing but this showed me how wrong I was.

Shirley, UK

The VYS is helping me break through my ‘safe’, Good-Enough clothes I have been wearing.

I also am discovering that I am more than the boring style-box I have built for myself.

I’m still a work in progress to myself but your pathway is a great help.

Shirley, New Zealand

Visualize Your Style course is making me show much more of who I am on the inside expressed in my clothing.

It is making me think about what I love the most and why I love it.

I feel challenged to use all my senses and to translate all that information into clothing which would suit me.

This course is great!

Melissa L, USA

I was very surprised, actually shocked, at the over-all look and feel of my initial choices on my first mood boards and I could immediately see that I needed a different list of how I wanted to look and be perceived.

I have always said that my clothes don’t reflect “me” and the reason was so obvious.

At my age, 80, there are not a lot of appropriate options, but I now have a much better idea of how to choose color combinations and accessories I am happy with.

I got most of my colors and styles right, but something was missing.

So, I recently made a few new pairings, bought a couple of different scarves, donated others, and am remaking a lot of my jewelry.

Visualize Your Style was the key to my big missing element; I guess I didn’t know who I really am. (I am a Viking Warrior Queen trapped in the body of a petite 80 year old from Florida!

Claudia, USA

Visualize Your Style has helped me understand my preferences.

That knowledge makes future choices so much easier.

Rebecca M, USA

I’m so pleased I took this course. It has opened up possibilities in my style that I had assumed were for others.

I’ve never been able to harness Pinterest for my style because there are too many overwhelming possibilities.

As usual, you have taken something complex and broken it down so that I can use it more easily.

I realise now that I was able to visualise it in this way, that I have been too plain in my style choices.

This has helped me experiment and brought some real joy in to my wardrobe.

I’ve already bought 3 items that I would never have chosen before doing this and I’m enjoying seeing the potential for joy in other items.

Your courses always draw out something unexpected from me. Thank you!

Tracey M, UK

I am so glad I took the dive into VYS.

It has helped me zero in on things about my preferences and personality which I thought I knew but somehow didn’t follow through with in my clothing choices.

Holly H, USA