VYS reinforced and reminded me to be aware of all steps when shopping and dressing.

It gave me confidence that I was indeed on the right track seeing my personal brand image board.

I Loved it and the new recipe I have now to make shopping easier and more fun!

I always come home with winners!!!!! Such a joy!

Lynn, USA

I finally understand my style and how to implement it in my clothing.

Yea verily, the lightbulb went on at last!

Valerie K, USA

I’ve gained clarity by doing Visualise Your Style – it’s helped whittle down choices for Summer outfits and purchases, and working with beautiful visual images was inspiring.

By the end of the course I could more clearly see links between my Values, My Personal Brand and what I find to be beautiful.

Julie, Australia

Visualise Your Style is absolutely great!

I’m happy that now it’s easier to shop as I can readily see what fits my personal brand image mood board which makes decisions fast and simple.

The mini-course has teased out the missing elements from my style.

Thank you for this lesson about myself as I now realise how my personality is interconnected with what I love.

Helena, Poland

The content in Visualise Your Style is brilliant and the way the mini-course is structured is very easy to follow and work with.

I loved all the examples of how to interpret mood boards as this is something I’ve had difficulty with in the past. It’s a great course!

Sue, Australia

I love the visual aspect of the course and it is my preferred method of learning.

It has definitely helped me develop a better understanding of what I want to portray as my personal style and brand.

I have realised through this mini course that I am able to just be me without the need to always wear a costume in order to feel seen.

Being authentic to myself has allowed me to breathe and move forward.

Melina, Australia

Thank you so much for creating this course!

I feel so relieved and encouraged about my next steps in creating a wardrobe that actually includes things I love!

Jenny Berry, USA