I am thoroughly enjoying the work that I am doing with Imogen Lamport’s course ‘Ignite Your Style Genius’ because of the depth of the content, which is totally aimed at developing my own creativity to help define my style.

I am particularly enjoying the part about developing my personal brand because I can see how much simpler this will make shopping and getting dressed each morning.

I would strongly recommend this course, as well as Imogen’s other courses e.g. 7 Steps to Style, to anyone interested in looking and feeling their best.


Sue P

I’d love to take this opportunity to tell you how much I’ve learned from the Ignite Your Style Genius program. This program is so wonderful. I’ve not only learned so much about the elements of style, I’ve gained so much in self-confidence.

I’ve got a much better sense now of what suits me, how to adapt outfits and clothes to flatter me more and I’m becoming much more experimental, without wasting money on things that aren’t ‘right’. I’m so pleased I invested in the program. I look forward to each new module.

Thank you.