I love your Evolve Your Style challenge, it has been a real inspiration to me. My style has definitely improved over this past month, and will continue to improve.

It has motivated me to look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes and the possibilities of “new outfits” with existing clothes.

My husband is also thrilled with my new style. My confidence has improved and it’s motivated me to improve other areas in my life.

Cathy, United States

I am so enjoying your 7 Steps to Style system, and have recommended it to others!

Most importantly, I love that you give so much and multi-faceted valuable information, and also that the goal of the course is to help each woman find and harmonize with her own natural beauty, rather than trying to squeeze us all into a “universal” style.

Emily, Finland

Your blog is incredible …. pure gold.

As a university professor and researcher, I love how you explain the logic behind style choices. I have always had a strong sense of what works for me but I have never understood why those things work.

Your blog provides so many answers.

Frances, Australia

Imogen’s brilliant 7 Steps to Style System is far and away the best one out there!

So-called style experts with their conflicting “rules” are a dime a dozen but this program truly speaks to us all.

Susan, Canada