I was very surprised, actually shocked, at the over-all look and feel of my initial choices on my first mood boards and I could immediately see that I needed a different list of how I wanted to look and be perceived.

I have always said that my clothes don’t reflect “me” and the reason was so obvious.

At my age, 80, there are not a lot of appropriate options, but I now have a much better idea of how to choose color combinations and accessories I am happy with.

I got most of my colors and styles right, but something was missing.

So, I recently made a few new pairings, bought a couple of different scarves, donated others, and am remaking a lot of my jewelry.

Visualize Your Style was the key to my big missing element; I guess I didn’t know who I really am. (I am a Viking Warrior Queen trapped in the body of a petite 80 year old from Florida!