VYS reinforced and reminded me to be aware of all steps when shopping and dressing.

It gave me confidence that I was indeed on the right track seeing my personal brand image board.

I Loved it and the new recipe I have now to make shopping easier and more fun!

I always come home with winners!!!!! Such a joy!

Lynn, USA

The program acted as an assertation of my personal style, a great gift, thank you!

Everywhere I look there is plenty of advice on how to look and wear what someone else wants me to wear; only your teachings and principles work for everyone and I’ve never felt obliged to look like someone else.

Bernadette, USA

Visualise Your Style is amazing! Opened my eyes to colour combinations that sing to me … and textures.

I’d always equated texture with sloppy dressing but this showed me how wrong I was.

Shirley, UK

The VYS is helping me break through my ‘safe’, Good-Enough clothes I have been wearing.

I also am discovering that I am more than the boring style-box I have built for myself.

I’m still a work in progress to myself but your pathway is a great help.

Shirley, New Zealand

Visualize Your Style course is making me show much more of who I am on the inside expressed in my clothing.

It is making me think about what I love the most and why I love it.

I feel challenged to use all my senses and to translate all that information into clothing which would suit me.

This course is great!

Melissa L, USA

I was very surprised, actually shocked, at the over-all look and feel of my initial choices on my first mood boards and I could immediately see that I needed a different list of how I wanted to look and be perceived.

I have always said that my clothes don’t reflect “me” and the reason was so obvious.

At my age, 80, there are not a lot of appropriate options, but I now have a much better idea of how to choose color combinations and accessories I am happy with.

I got most of my colors and styles right, but something was missing.

So, I recently made a few new pairings, bought a couple of different scarves, donated others, and am remaking a lot of my jewelry.

Visualize Your Style was the key to my big missing element; I guess I didn’t know who I really am. (I am a Viking Warrior Queen trapped in the body of a petite 80 year old from Florida!

Claudia, USA

Visualize Your Style has helped me understand my preferences.

That knowledge makes future choices so much easier.

Rebecca M, USA

I’m so pleased I took this course. It has opened up possibilities in my style that I had assumed were for others.

I’ve never been able to harness Pinterest for my style because there are too many overwhelming possibilities.

As usual, you have taken something complex and broken it down so that I can use it more easily.

I realise now that I was able to visualise it in this way, that I have been too plain in my style choices.

This has helped me experiment and brought some real joy in to my wardrobe.

I’ve already bought 3 items that I would never have chosen before doing this and I’m enjoying seeing the potential for joy in other items.

Your courses always draw out something unexpected from me. Thank you!

Tracey M, UK

I am so glad I took the dive into VYS.

It has helped me zero in on things about my preferences and personality which I thought I knew but somehow didn’t follow through with in my clothing choices.

Holly H, USA

I finally understand my style and how to implement it in my clothing.

Yea verily, the lightbulb went on at last!

Valerie K, USA

I’ve gained clarity by doing Visualise Your Style – it’s helped whittle down choices for Summer outfits and purchases, and working with beautiful visual images was inspiring.

By the end of the course I could more clearly see links between my Values, My Personal Brand and what I find to be beautiful.

Julie, Australia

Visualise Your Style is absolutely great!

I’m happy that now it’s easier to shop as I can readily see what fits my personal brand image mood board which makes decisions fast and simple.

The mini-course has teased out the missing elements from my style.

Thank you for this lesson about myself as I now realise how my personality is interconnected with what I love.

Helena, Poland

The content in Visualise Your Style is brilliant and the way the mini-course is structured is very easy to follow and work with.

I loved all the examples of how to interpret mood boards as this is something I’ve had difficulty with in the past. It’s a great course!

Sue, Australia

I love the visual aspect of the course and it is my preferred method of learning.

It has definitely helped me develop a better understanding of what I want to portray as my personal style and brand.

I have realised through this mini course that I am able to just be me without the need to always wear a costume in order to feel seen.

Being authentic to myself has allowed me to breathe and move forward.

Melina, Australia

Thank you so much for creating this course!

I feel so relieved and encouraged about my next steps in creating a wardrobe that actually includes things I love!

Jenny Berry, USA

I am thoroughly enjoying the work that I am doing with Imogen Lamport’s course ‘Ignite Your Style Genius’ because of the depth of the content, which is totally aimed at developing my own creativity to help define my style.

I am particularly enjoying the part about developing my personal brand because I can see how much simpler this will make shopping and getting dressed each morning.

I would strongly recommend this course, as well as Imogen’s other courses e.g. 7 Steps to Style, to anyone interested in looking and feeling their best.


Sue P

I’d love to take this opportunity to tell you how much I’ve learned from the Ignite Your Style Genius program. This program is so wonderful. I’ve not only learned so much about the elements of style, I’ve gained so much in self-confidence.

I’ve got a much better sense now of what suits me, how to adapt outfits and clothes to flatter me more and I’m becoming much more experimental, without wasting money on things that aren’t ‘right’. I’m so pleased I invested in the program. I look forward to each new module.

Thank you.



Signing up for your 31 day challenge was the best thing I’ve done for myself in quite some time. I was shy at first, but soon looked forward to pulling together an outfit and share with the other Evolvers. This challenge inspired me to get out of my day to day routine, try new color combinations and wear items I had and was drawn too but not confident enough to wear. By paying attention to what I liked and didn’t like, I was able to figure out my style. I now look forward to picking out an outfit rather than just grabbing something and getting dressed. I feel more attractive and have more confidence. My husband has complimented me many times and said he likes the new look and confidence.

I can’t thank you enough for this program and for making it affordable. I have now gone through my entire wardrobe and consigned the items that no longer work. I’ve also purchased a few key pieces of clothing to round out my wardrobe.

To me, the best outcome is that I now have the confidence and know-how to window shop with friends and not waste money on items that either don’t work with my existing wardrobe and/or don’t go with my style, just because I happen to like the colors.

Thank you so much.

Kerri White

Best thing I’ve done in a long time – the EYS Challenge and then moving on to the Seven Steps program! Just yesterday, I had dinner with a friend right after work and she said “Your style really suits you.” Music to my ears!

Liz, USA

One of my favourite things from doing Evolve Your Style more than once is that the temperature dropped 5-10 degrees and I wasn’t sure what to wear today so I looked back through my outfit photos until I found one that was perfect to use as a base. Then I pulled out that outfit and added a jacket and different shoes and I was ready. (In the past there would have been a pile of discarded clothes on my bed).

I also love that I know why I am wearing each piece of the outfit. I know that the outfit suits my body type and so I feel less envious of the styles that other people can wear and more appreciative of the ones I can. I like seeing how other members have developed their style; and finally, I like gaining new information about style gradually, one piece at a time.

Chris from Australia

It is like Instagram for real people, with individual style feedback. Not ones who have a model figure, or promoted designer goods, a professional photographer and photoshop. But real women, young and old, slender and curvy, beginners and advanced. It is like having a place to share your outfits and questions with a group of friends you have never met, yet share your interest in style. Helpful and supportive. A place to learn and grow, and watch others blossom. A place to share our knowledge, gain inspiration from others, understand why. Drop-in when you want or can. Take a rest or come back. The door is open to those who want to stay and play or just want to gaze in from the sidelines; you just get so much more out of it by taking part.

Ruth, UK