The Art of Packing Light video

Learn how to pack for your next trip so that you can easily take your luggage as carry-on and save time and the headache of lost luggage

I know you hate dragging heavy luggage around with you when you travel (who doesn’t?)

Now, I want to offer you a video that unpacks the concepts in my ebook Travelling Light.

In this 1 hour presentation watch live how I pack over 30 outfits into carry on luggage.

See how easy it is to create an effective wardrobe capsule by using my colour scheme formula.

Sound good?

Watch as I explain what you may need for a city break, a country escape and a beach holiday. Plus learn more about packing for business as well as holiday travel.

All this plus all my travel tips including:

  • My long-haul flight essentials
  • Packing methods
  • How to choose what to pack
  • Using accessories to change your outfits
  • Tips on using the travel and packing charts in the ebook

Plus so much more to help you learn to pack light for your next trip.

Watch the Trailer

Get your instant access to the video for only $10.00US now!

Why not grab both The Art of Packing Light video and the Travelling Light ebook at the same time so you have all my resources at your fingertips.

Included are:

  • My formula for success plus packing lists and charts for you to print out and use on your next trip
  • How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe
  • Choosing Colours for your Travel Wardrobe
  • What to take on a business trip
  • What to take on a holiday, whether a city, country or tropical destination
  • How to add accessories to extend your travel wardrobe
  • What to wear on the plane
  • My long-haul flight essentials
  • In-flight carry-on regulations
  • Tips on packing toiletries (that are heavy and take up so much space)
  • Packing tips and techniques