Svelte in Style




How to look and feel great while losing weight

  • Put off buying clothes until you lose weight?
  • Feel that losing weight is a constant battle?
  • Feel that it’s not worth spending money on looking good until you’re at your goal weight?
  • Have no idea what to buy because you don’t know how to dress your changing body shape?
  • Feel that you’ve lost your style and want to get it back?

In it you’ll find out

  • Why the process of losing weight seems so hard , and how you can make it much easier
  • The importance of style and body image messages, and how to tune out the ones you don’t want
  • Perspective- and life-changing activities that will shift you how you think and feel about your body
  • Why it’s so important to feel great while you’re losing weight
  • The critical part that ongoing self care plays in the success of your weight loss journey
  • The impact that body image has on your weight loss journey, and your ultimate success or failure in losing the weight
  • Why looking good is so important while you are losing weight (it’s not just superficial!)
  • Why so many women on a weight loss journey don’t look and feel as good as they should, and can
  • How to identify your body shape, body proportions and best colours to flatter your unique silhouette, even as you lose weight
  • The secret weapon that understanding scale is, and how to create a longer leaner look
  • Your unique personality and how to dress to express it
  • The importance of fabric and volume to create an attractive silhouette, at any size
  • Why accessories are your best friend when dressing on a weight loss journey
  • How to make the most of the wardrobe you have, and the wardrobe you’ll need, on your weight loss journey
  • What a capsule wardrobe is and why you need to be creating capsules
  • What and how to buy while you’re losing weight, including shopping on a budget
  • How to look great in photos


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