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0.10am Can you explain how you determine clear vs muted colouring?
7.23 Can a colour or neutral be neither warm nor cool?
9.30 I have 20 signature colours – how do I determine the best ones?

Personal Colour Analysis

Understanding Colour Systems and Personal Colour Analysis

Personal Colour Analysis – Finding the Harmony

Personal Colour Analysis Training

Universal Colours

Universal Colours – How Universal Are They Really?

What are Universal Colours?

Neutrals – What are They and How to Wear Them

Signature Colours

How to Find Your Ultimate Signature Colours

More on How to Find Your Signature Colours

Discover Your Colours – Your Intensity – Clear or Soft

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0.12 How to style a leather skirt
2.48 How do I balance a clash between my red skin and my dyed reddish brunette hair – it’s hard to make it ashy and is often too dark
7.34 What colour scheme recommendations do you have for interior design – is it OK to clash undertones or mixed intensities?

Leather Skirt Styling

Stylish Thoughts – What I Wore 2Day

Stylish Thoughts – Ephemera

How to Style Leather Look Leggings Over 40

Hair Colouring

How to Know if Your Hair Colour Is Wrong

How to Keep Blonde Hair From Going Brassy

How to Choose a Flattering Hair Colour

Mixing Colours

How to Mix and Match Colours

How to Choose Colours That Are Super Easy to Mix and Match

What are Clashing Colours?

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0.06 What is the best dark neutral for someone with light skin and black or almost black hair?
1.42 I’ve got a low value contrast and medium-low colour contrast and I find that when I wear navy and red or orange together it doesn’t work – yet these colours are supposed to be great colours for me?
6.28 Can you share tips on dressing when you’ve had a new baby and are breastfeeding when you prefer more structured and fitted clothes?

Best Neutrals for Your Hair Colour

What’s Your Best Neutral – Blonde Hair

What’s Your Best Neutral – Red Hair

What’s Your Best Neutral – Grey Hair

What’s Your Best Neutral – Brunette

Wearing Colour with Low Value Contrast

6 Ways to Make Low Value Contrast Outfits More Interesting

What Exactly is Low Value Contrast

Value and Contrast with Darker Skin Tones – the Celebrity Version

New Mum Fashion Tips

How to Accessorize – The Busy Mum

How to Dress the Comfortable, Practical, Stylish Mum

Wardrobe Capsules for aLife – Busy Mum (Mom)

5 Outfit Ideas to Steal for the Stay at Home Mum

In This Video

 0.08 Can a person have a low value contrast and still be clear in their colouring?
3.05 How to figure out your face shape -mine is longer with a curved jaw and a square forehead?
8.27 How do you dress a body that is an H from the front, an apple from the side and a pear from the back?

Intensity of Colouring

Understanding Colour Properties

Understanding Basic Colour Terminology

Understanding Warm and Muted Colours

Figuring Out Face Shape

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

Importance of Placement of Facial Features For Determining Face Shape

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

Body Shape, Lateral Body Shape and Body Variations

Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress H Shape Bodies

What’s Your Side View – Round or Elliptical?

What Guidelines to Follow When Your Body Shape isn’t “Standard”

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Colour and Style Questions answered by globally certified image consultant Imogen Lamport


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