6 Step Easy Eyeshadow Application Tutorial


6 Step easy eyeshadow application

I was recently asked to share my eyeshadow application technique so I’ve made a short video plus taken photos of each stage so you can get a close-up view of what I actually do.

6 Step Easy Eyeshadow Application

See images below for step by step reference.

Before you start, consider whether you want to use an eyeshadow with sheen, or one that is matte.  My tips for making that decision:

Does your skin look shinier or is it more matte?

Is your skin

Step 1: Eyeshadow Base

This is essential for me, it’s an eyelid primer that stops my eyeshadow disappearing into the crease within minutes of me applying shadow.  It creates a slightly tacky surface that sticks the eyeshadow on so it stays all day and right into the night.

Step 2: Highlight Colour

This is the all over the eyelid colour that I take up to my brows.  For me, I use a light pink as it makes my blue eyes bluer (get my tips on which colour eyeshadows to choose for your eyes here).

Step 3: Contour Colour

This is a medium cool pinkish brown that I use (I don’t like to go too dark for daytime), which I apply in a C shape to the outer edges of my eyelids.  Because my eyes are deeper set and my skin above my moveable lids is starting to droop with age, I take it across the crease line and above the crease line to help ‘push back’ the overhang (remember, darker colours recede, light colours advance, so when applying shadow think about what you want to push backwards versus what you want to bring forward and make more prominent).  If you have a prominent eye, you’d do your darker colour over the mobile lid (where your eye is) and not above the crease.

Step 4: Eyeshadow Liner

I tend to prefer using an eyeshadow as an eyeliner as it’s softer and easier to apply as skin becomes more moveable with age.  I wear either a navy, charcoal or deep cool brown as my eyeliner colour.  Black is too harsh now that I’m blonde and not a deep brunette.

Step 5: Highlight Inner Corners

To make my eyes pop, I like to highlight the inner corners of my eyes with a light shadow, this is because the inner corners is where we normally get those dark shadows that make us look more tired.  Depending on what I’m wearing, I use either a silver or a light teal (here I’m using the light teal) shadow.

Step 6: Mascara

Last, but never least is mascara – which is my ‘desert island essential’ beauty product as I’ve always had very light eyelashes and it makes the biggest difference to how noticeable my eyes are.

This total process takes me no more than 2 minutes (tops)

A decent set of makeup brushes makes a difference – if you need to replace your brushes here are some good and very well priced options:

Buy Makeup Brush Set (Australia)

6 Step easy eyeshadow application

Once you’ve finished your eye makeup, don’t forget your eyebrows (see how I do mine here).

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6 Step easy eyeshadow application

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