Don’t Forget Your Four-Legged Friends this Christmas


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Bravecto Flea and Tick Competition
Cleo, my crazy but loveable whippet, is my shadow. She’s been illustrated in my blog headers and often photo bombs my outfit pics.

Everyone who comes over to my house comments on this. She spends most of her days in my office and if I get up to move, she gets up and follows me. She’s become seriously attached to me, and these days (since we’ve been living between a rental house and our house – and my office, which is being renovated) the minute I pick up the car keys she’s heading out to the car to come with me, wherever I go, and if I tell her no, she puts that “poor sad doggy” face on.

Why has she become my shadow? Well, about 6 years ago, I took the kids to Canberra (where my parents live) for the school holidays. This time we decided to take Cleo with us.

Now my parents don’t have a fenced in garden, so when I took the kids out paddle boating on Lake Burley Griffin, the second day we got there, I left Cleo locked inside the house.

This situation was all good until my parents, who had been out came home. When my mother opened the front door, Cleo dashed between her legs and disappeared over the reserve in front of their house. She went looking for me, not liking being separated.

My Mum rang me frantic, we came home. I walked the local area, up into the bush on Black Mountain (which my parents’ house is adjacent to) and around the streets, calling and calling. We made signs and put them up everywhere around the local shops, on light poles and any noticeboard we could find.

I rang the RSPCA (fortunately she is microchipped) and the pound. Went on lost pet rescue websites. I created an image which I put on Facebook asking if anyone saw her to please contact me.

What I found truly touching, was how so many people I hardly knew, shared her LOST notice. One went so far as to share Cleo’s information with all the local media outlets too.

Poor Cleo, lost in a city she didn’t know, and she has a naturally anxious personality too and gets stressed easily. A few days after arriving home I received a phone call from a woman who had seen my poster in the local supermarket. She said she’d seen her, had gone inside her house to get a lead, but let her dog out. As Cleo is scared of other dogs, when the other dog approached her, she ran away. This kind lady had wondered if I’d gotten her back.

Another few days passed after arriving back in Melbourne, just after 9pm, 12 days after Cleo went missing, I received a phone call from the receptionist at a nursing home in Canberra. A very thin Cleo had walked in the front door. She was scratched, had literally walked the soles of her paws off and was down to skin and bones. Fortunately, she still had her collar on with details making it easy for the receptionist to call me.

What an enormous relief. I broke down into tears of relief to know that my fur baby was safe and alive, if super, super skinny and worse for wear. As we say in our house:

Pets really do bring people together. The messages of support and then relief after she came home was truly heart-warming.

Cleo is an important part of our family. She’s my dog-aughter, one of my kids. She entertains us, she gives us love and affection, she makes our family complete. My son told me that he plans to take her with him when he moves out of home as he doesn’t want to live without her (fortunately he’s still too young to move out of home).

Cleo loves a Christmas Treat

At Christmas, I always like to include a little present under the tree for her, a tasty treat. And knowing how devastated we all were when we nearly lost her, her health is important which is why giving her a Bravecto oral chew that delivers flea and paralysis tick protection is an important part of keeping her safe and healthy for 3 months at a time.

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway for our Furry Four-Legged Friends

Have you got a furry family member who could benefit from an oral chew to deliver 3 months’ flea and 4 months’ paralysis tick protection for dogs in a single tasty dose?

Win a prize for you and your pet:

  • FIRST PRIZE (One winner): 1 x $25 Coles/Myer Gift Voucher, 1 x Bravecto Pack, 1 x Bravecto Cooler Bag
  • SECOND PRIZE (One winner): 1 x $25 Coles/Myer Gift Voucher, 1 x Bravecto Pack, 1 x Bravecto Cooler Bag
  • RUNNER UP PRIZE (18 Winners): 1 x Bravecto Pack

How to Enter:

So why not have some fun with your pooch and take a Christmas themed photo of them and upload it to social media with the Bravecto pack size you’d like to win – share on your own Instagram or on my Inside Out Style Facebook page so I can see your fur babies. Tag me on Instagram with #insideoutstyle so I can find your pics and also: #12daysofbravectochristmas #bravectochristmas #bravecto #paralysisticks #fleas #dogs to let the lovely people at Bravecto see your fabulous furry family members.  Then leave a comment here so I can easily contact you – letting me know whether you posted on Instagram or Facebook.

Binker the Christmas Reinwhippet
Here is a photo I took of my very first whippet wearing his Christmas reindeer antlers!

Find out more about Bravecto and the dosage you need to keep your fur baby healthy on the Bravecto website at , on Facebook at @Bravecto AU and Instagram @bravectoau.
To figure out which is the right dose for your pooch there are 5 different kg packs depending on their weight. These are:
• 2-4.5kg
• >4.5 – 10kg
• >10-20kg
• >20-40kg
• >40-56kg

Each pack varies in price. For more information including a full stock list please visit: Bravecto and let me know in your comments the pack size you’d like to win!

Competition Terms

Competition is open to Australian residents only and competition closes at 12pm Australian Eastern Summer Time, January the 6th 2017.

Winners contacted by email. Judges decision is final.

Terms and Conditions here


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