Top 50 Fashion Blogs Plus More Weekend Reading


Inside Out Style is number 3 in this list of the top 50 fashion blogs!  I asked how they came up with the list and was told that it is based on content!


Top 50 fashion blogs


Now for some weekend reading.


Loved this post from Bridgette Raes on finding your You’niform

Some excellent resources for the Petite on Extra Petite

Research on why dressing the part can change the outcomes of your life.

And one for the messy people (I can be one of these people, my desk is always covered in stacks of paper that I’m working on.  Never looks organised but I’ve got a good idea of where everything is.) as you can be a creative genius!


I'm not sure if it's for you but how would you feel if you learned all about the colours and styles of clothing that suit your individual personality, shape and style? Just imagine what it would be like when you can open your wardrobe and pull together fabulous outfits that make you look and feel amazing every day? If you'd like to stop wasting money on the wrong clothes and accessories plus join an amazing bunch of very special women also on their style journey - then my 7 Steps to Style program is right for you. Find out more here.

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  • Congratulations Imogen. This is a well deserved accolade. You work very hard to bring knowledge, information and sparkle to us. Nice to see your work is appreciated. I think you are marvellous.

  • Congrats Imogen. Your blog is the only “fashion” blog I read religiously. I find I am constantly going back and reading previous posts for help on one topic or another. This honor is well deserved. Also thank you for featuring my going gray post awhile back. I still get traffic from that post!!

  • Congratulations. I don´t comment, but read your blog daily and am very inspired to improve my wardrobe. You are honest and down to earth and it´s a joy to read you.
    Merry christmas and a happy new year and Thanks so much!

  • Congratulations Imogen! You inspire me too, the other day I was shopping and I thought, what would Imogen say about this purchase 🙂 Enjoy the holidays!

  • Congratulations! You have such a wonderful blog and I have learned so much from it. I am now starting on your 7 Steps to Style program, so who knows what the future has in store for me!

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