How to Wear Statement Shoes

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3. Look for detail or pattern or a unique feature to highlight


how to wear statement shoes


  1. Keep the outfit simple to make a feature of your shoes
  2. Repeat the colour in your makeup if appropriate – lipstick colour is great if you are in the red/pink/burgundy family
  3. Wear accessories that repeat and harmonise with elements of the shoe design feature, whether it be colour, shape or pattern.

Red white and blue - with statement red boots  - how to wear a statement shoe

Here I’ve repeated the red in the boots in my bangle and necklace (and a little red lippy)

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  • Love the red boots! I have always had at least one pair of red shoes in my wardrobe since I was sixteen…. many years ago. Today I have four or five pairs with my favorite being a pair bought in Paris in 2005…. red paisley sling backs with small heel! Love the red……Stacy

  • I read somewhere that you need at least 12 pairs of shoes, and in most situations this is correct. We need different heel heights (sometimes in the same colour) for different outfits. Shoes for working out, walking, casual and formal occasions – the list is extensive. And, I agree with your strategy of changing shoes daily – it does lengthen their life spans and protects your feet.

  • A poem from my childhood you may enjoy.
    Flat shoes. Black shoes. Thump along like THAT shoes. Wipe them on the mat shoes. That’s the sort THEY buy.
    But button shoes and bow shoes, Pretty pointy toe shoes, Snappy, cappy low shoes. THAT’S the sort I’D buy.
    I’m with Stacey on the red shoes. Love ’em.

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