How to Accessorize in Winter

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2. Level of Refinement

Consider the level of refinement – the more casual your outfit, then a woollen beanie and mittens will work.  The dressier your coat and outfit, choose a more structured hat such as a fedora, bowling hat or cloche.

Accessorising in winter casual style


The thicker and chunkier your outwear, sweater, coat and boots, the thicker and chunkier the knit of the beanie and mittens.

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  • In your post on accessorizing with hat, scarves, & gloves you mention matching your hat to your hair or coat. We wear hats a lot in our cold winters and for the last few years I’ve taken to using eye enhancing colors in my hats and scarves. I get tons of compliments and it helps to break up the sea of neutral cold weather gear one tends to see all winter.

  • This is somewhat helpful. As a Minnesotan, when I read the letter I was thinking WINTER. When I see the pics, that is Autumn. The priciples are useful, though.

  • Besides hats, scarves and gloves, also consider arm warmers and leg warmers. They aren’t trendy, but can be stylish. There are some great patterns (especially for knitters and sewers who re-purposing old clothes) for any personal style;sporty, classic, Goth, bohemian. Using them gives me more options during the transition seasons (and the balmier winter days). My days are a mix of outside (commuting, walking dogs) and inside. Plus morning classrooms can be freezing to start with then t-shirt weather within half an hour. If I use arm warmers with a short-sleeved top and a lighter cardigan then I fit all the temperatures without overheating or freezing. The legwarmers let me wear skirts/dresses even if there is sleet.

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