Dress Up in September


Do you hate how badly dressed so many people are these days? Do you wish that everyone took a little more care? Well join the #DressUp movement and start influencing others by setting a stylish example.

Today is the first day of the inaugural Dress Up in September style challenge which I wrote about last week.

Dress Up in September

I’m going to challenge you to dress up every day as if you were going on a great outing each day for the whole month.

This is the opportunity to get out of your every day boring clothes and imagine that you are going somewhere fabulous each day (even if you’re just staying at home or going as far as the supermarket or school gates) or meeting someone you admire and who you want to impress.

I want you to get out your best clothes, the ones you keep for a great daytime event and wear them. Yes you may get people asking you if you’re going somewhere special – and the answer is YES you are going about your life, which is the most valuable asset you have and you are dressing up as you appreciate that the way you dress can change how you feel.

Share your outfits on social media with the #DressUp hashtag so that I can appreciate your amazing sartorial splendor.

Please spread the word and encourage everyone to Dress Up in September – let’s all lead by example and make the world a more stylish place to live!

Feel free to share these images or post them on your blog!

Join the DRESSUP movement this september and make the world a more stylish place


Dress Up in September to make the world a more stylish place - tag #DressUp on Social Media to share your fabulous style


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