Knitting the Gauntlet and Other Crafty Ideas from Spotlight


KNitting pattern for knitting kids gauntlets or fingerless glovesThanks to Nuffnang and Spotlight
As you may be aware I’m a lover of sewing and craft. I’ve enjoyed making things since I was a child, starting with knitting at the age of 7 and moving onto my first sewing machine when I was 10. In fact during my teen years I made almost all my clothes.

These days I don’t have as much time to sew, but I do still get some cathartic crafting time making jewellery and I get most of my supplies from my local Spotlight store though you can also buy all your supplies online as well.

I was delighted to receive some goody bags from Spotlight jam packed full with fabrics, yarn plus kids activities.

Spotlight yarn
They have provided me with some balls of wool and some of their new Flinders and Mornington cotton range to play with and I’m teaching my daughter to knit so I’m sure she will enjoy turning these yarns into something, plus I think that she’ll have fun with the French Knitter too (when I was a kid we made them from some nails and a wooden cotton reel – how times have moved on).

Winter cashmere and a scarf with sleeves

Recently my knitting adventures involved some Spotlight Moda Vera Yana Alpaca blend wool and turned into this scarf with sleeves.

I decided to turn the Moda Vera Mini yarn into some gauntlets for my daughter, the pattern is in one of the Yarn Projects book that came with the wool in my goody bag.  She’s loving them as it’s a cold winter here this year  and they only took a couple of evenings knitting in front of the TV to finish!Knitting the gauntlet

How to Knit the Gauntlets

  • 8ply wool
  • Size 4 needles
  • This required only 34 stitches  knitting garter stitch until you reach your desired length.  The size is ideal for a 9 – 14yo.
  • Sew up the two long edges leaving an opening for the thumb.

That’s it – how simple is that?


The bags also included some great fabrics – I chose fabrics in blue, which is one of my signature colours and I think I’ll definitely be making a skirt or two and maybe even a dress. Expect to see them featured here on the blog some time in the future!

spotlight fabric


Spotlight Get Creative magazine

Plus a stash of Get Creative project magazines which I want to give away to you my lovely readers.
Just leave me a comment (open to Australian readers only) and tell me about what kind of creative projects you enjoy.


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  • I’ve been away- OS-on a long anticipated holiday and so haven’t caught up with the Minis yet.Thanks!
    I was SO knitting-deprived that I ended up ‘hunting’ down yarn shops,finding one eventually in Stockholm where I bought some alpaca (first time) yarn,a bamboo (also first time!) circular needle and started a scarf from memory as every one of the patterns they had was in Swedish!! I am definitely a fan now of bamboo needles.

      • I’ve been using casein needles for quite a while because they suit my arthritic fingers (they are warm and somewhat pliable, but not too ‘bendy’ like plastic). The bamboo are similar in feel and the brand I bought are VERY smooth and have an excellent point- great for the fine ply I’m knitting.The only other circulars I’ve used have been metal….cold/hard! I didn’t enjoy using them,but the bamboo circs have converted me!!

  • I used to make my own clothes years ago, then I started knitting for my boys when they were little. More recently I have knitted for a charity that provides scarves, gloves, rugs, etc. for people in need. Those gauntlets look interesting, they might be good for that project.

  • I love to sew, I’m making a turquoise wool/cashmere coat presently. I’ve sewed since I was 16. That was 32 years ago. ?
    Love the blue fabrics, especially the birds and the leopard print one. Look forward to seeing you model those on the blog.
    Fabric and colour inspires me.

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