Fashion Icons plus more Weekend Reading


Fashion and Style Icons for the modern age

Have you got a fashion or style icon? I know that many people do. It’s great when you are looking for inspiration to check out the styles of others and adapt ideas to your body, style and personality.

I was pointed in the direction of this article about Frida Khalo as a fashion icon by the lovely Lisa.

Maybe a TV character is more your style?  Well watch this video from the costume creator of The Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries for some 1920s fashion inspiration and styling


TIME magazine lists their top 100 fashion icons of all time (I suspect that most will be USA or European)

Fern Mallis interviews a host of fashion icons here – watch the videos on YouTube.

Read Mashable’s Top 10 list of Elder Fashion Icons

Who What Wear share their top 20 fashion icons to give you some more inspiration

Tell me who are your style or fashion icons?  Where do you get your inspiration from?  Please share!



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  • Good article on Frida Kahlo–quite interesting! I just watched the movie “Frida” last week, so it really resonated. Thanks for the link.

  • The TV character’s style that I like is Morgana from Merlin. The stylists (costume and makeup) really understand Katie McGrath’s high value contrast. When she wears jewel colored clothes she has strong red lippy and when she has white or lavender clothes she has pale lippy. And her jewellery is so delicate.

  • The real furs she wears at times aside – I am still an 80s girl at heart – I just love Caroline Issa’s style. I would have to adjust quite a bit, not just because of the difference in budget but also because of a difference in shape to copy her style, but colors do the exact same thing for her as they do for me. And she really knows what looks good on her.

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