Back to Basics – The Top 6 Essential Supporting Acts for Your Wardrobe

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2. Knit tops

Wardrobe staple knit tops
Here I’ve layered the same knit tops that were in the first photo under a different hero jacket

Find ones in a neckline that flatters your jaw shape – so replicate the shape of your jaw with your top.  If you have a pointed jaw go for a V shape, if you have a curved jaw, go for a scoop neck, if you have a square jaw, go for a boat neck or square shape.

Knit tops are great.  Provided they are of a decent quality you can dress them up and down.  You can wear them to work, you can wear them casually.  You can get them in so many colours, you can layer them.  They are a truly versatile garment.  And of course, you can add your hero over the top (if your hero is a jacket or necklace) and they provide the perfect backdrop.

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  • Oh I am so excited! I have just gone through the very painful process of putting together a beginning wardrobe for a new work environment where ‘relaxed business’ is the style that seems to be appropriate (no jeans!). One hundred percent more formal than I have had to be since returning to work six years ago.

    I have managed to tick all the boxes that you’ve posted here, Imogen. That is a huge confidence booster for me. I don’t feel like I’m all that great at “putting myself together” and haven’t really had to, so I’m on a steep learning curve and it’s nice to know I’ve managed to get it right. Thank you!

  • Personally, I don’t have any “specific” items I would consider staples, but DO have a majority of pieces that are very versatile pieces.

    The creative/Rebelic/Edgy side of my style, I tends to ignore timeless and trends and ignore the almost “universal” or “timeless ” lists and why I can’t point out specific staples. But also having a classic leaning, Ive most of the classics and I’m also a camelont dresser – I wear any type of garment (skirt, pants, jeans, dress etc) depending on the occasion or my mood. If I were re-building my wardrobe, I probably would look for garments that are practical, simple, neutral and versatile. Some of them are Low heeled combat boots, Walking ballerina shoes, Skinny treggings-like dresspants, Neutral fine knit cardigans and tailored skirts in twill or jersey.

    Even though I love wearing dark bootcut jeans (Dressed up) and traditional dresspants which I also wear alot- the treggings pants (not leggings, they have no zipper and have a dresspant fabric but can worn like that.I dont dare to call thick woven polyster blend for typical leggings ones. 😉 ) and they may not consider being timeless, they’re more suitable for my needs.
    Feeling they are somewhere between jeans and dresspants in formality (doesnt look very casual or business-dressy) and having no zipper makes them alot comfortable and the cut works with more shoes (I prefer bootcut better bodystyle wise, but they dont work with as many shoes as the skinny fit ones), so those would the first trousers I would buy. But all three are ones I would wear frequently (and almost interchangable). So I dont can’t interpret them one of them as staples. The treggings are only the ones I would buy first if recreating my wardrobe. Today I also purchased a summer versions, bermudas in same fabric and no zipper. (which I prefer due to constantly bloated belly and having different sizes during different seasons!)

  • I would add a handbag – black or other neutral, medium sized, that you can wear to work as well as after work or for the weekend.

  • Spot on, Imogen. I’m just discovering your website and I am very impressed with the quality of your posts. My essential wardrobe items tick all the boxes in your article. I find that I end up wearing the same favourite clothes every day, like a uniform, to the point that people think I cannot afford other clothes ! This is because I go to the shops and most items are nowadays made of synthetic fibers, which either cling or stink or don’t hold their colours/shape after being in the wash. Even prestigious labels do that and it’s very disappointing. Other ladies in my community have all their clothes made to measure in Vietnam, it appears this is now “a thing”…

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