Why Wearing a Suit Changes How You Think plus More Weekend Reading


wearing a suit changes how you think

Research has found that wearing a suit makes you think more analytically.

Loved this Do’s and Don’t’s list from Recovering Shopaholic – it’s a great example of what I suggest at the end of the Evolve Your Style challenge

Fascinating post on Fashion and Aging – a must read

Getting dressed should be fun and I love that My Small Wardrobe agrees.

Sue shares her thoughts on being the best you ever.

I found this a thought provoking post by Likes of Me.

It’s Mother’s Day in some parts of the world on Sunday, so here is a post on what to wear from High Latitude Style

And if you need to make her a yummy sweet gift, consider these chocolate kisses from Life Love and Hiccups.

On the topic of families and kids and chores Chelsea shares her ideas on this topic.

And what am I doing for mother’s day tomorrow?  Well I’m running the Mother’s Day Classic in Melbourne (if you see me say hello), it will be the second time in my life I’ve run 8km, before I come home and have a lovely breakfast prepared by my kids, and then of course it’s off to soccer and the usual Sunday family things.  What are you doing for mother’s day?



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  • Hello Imogen
    i have a question, I have just purchased a pair of straight leg jeans, I plan to wear them with flatish shoes, at what point on my foot/leg should they be hemmed? Ankle seems too short, a break or two over the front of the shoe looks ok.

  • Thank you so much for including my “Do’s and Don’ts” post in this weekend reading round-up, Imogen. I’m glad you liked the post enough to share it with your audience. The exercise was definitely very helpful for me and something I plan to revisit on a regular basis. I look forward to checking out some of the other posts you linked to as well. I appreciate your support!

  • Hi Imogen,
    I want to thank you for sharing with your readers a look from my blog. It’s always an honor for me to be included in inspiring sites like yours.
    Thanks again.

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