How You Know You’re Addicted to Craft plus more Weekend Reading


how to Know when you're addicted to craft or sewingI know that I have many readers who are keen sewers so this made me laugh, written by Chris of The Life Creative he shares his (not so) small craft obsession. Number 1 is the one that I completely go off my nut about.

Do you read interiors magazines and wonder how people live in such tidy spaces?  Well Cintia shares the inside scoop after having been featured recently after her renovations.

Have you bought a garment that doesn’t work?  Have you thought about repurposing it and turning it into something else?  How about a jacket as a blouse!

While we’re on the crafting theme today – have you got any tops that are a little too short?  Thought about making them longer with lace? Here is a DIY tutorial.

An interview with one of my favourite women Iris Apfel who talks about what is wrong with fashion today

Tine of Highly Irregular Style shares her ideas for a cocktail outfit without a LBD in sight!  She’s my kind of girl.

Wants some inspiration on everyday casual styling?  Check out Cathy from The Middle Page

Love this post from Already Pretty about learning to love those physical features that we see as flaws – a super important lesson.


I’d love to know what are the blog posts that you’ve read this week that have touched or inspired you?  Share in the comments!



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