3 Top Tips to Choosing Shoes to Flatter a Thick Ankle

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shoe styles to suit thick ankles


Secondly consider the influence of line and how we read them.  Horizontal lines broaden, so we want to keep horizontals away from thicker ankles (remember it’s just like belting, don’t put a belt on a wide point unless you want to make it look wider as it will just further broaden the are).   So no ankle straps or horizontal straps on shoes up near the ankle.  Diagonals move the eye and if they are more vertical in appearance can also make your foot look slimmer.

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  • Thank you so much for this! My ten-year-old daughter has thick ankles and is just starting to wear women’s sizes in shoes. I really had no idea where to start with choosing attractive shoes for her, but I do know that the Mary Janes she’s been stuck with forever are not particularly flattering, particularly if she wears them with ankle socks. (She has very wide feet, so we never had much selection in girls’ shoes.) I just started looking for shoes online this week, and while it was wonderful to finally have a larger selection, I wasn’t sure what would be flattering for her.

  • Very interesting… I also find that sling backs & d’orsay heels are quite flattering – both are elegant and trick the eye into lengthening the leg…

  • I would love for you to shine your light on my particular issue and that is bow legs. They are a curse indeed! They always show, except of course when wearing a maxi skirt 🙂 Flared jeans are flattering too, all the rest not so much. I’m an 8 shape with the classic high hip, a little overweight and 163 cm tall. There must be others out there with the same problem, right! Thanks for reading, I hope to get some advice from a pro.

  • Great advice! It just always ‘clicks’ with me, so I trust it.

    One thing I still wonder is: what about the front of the shoe? They range from clownishy round to sharp and pointy and everything in between! What would your advice to someone with chunky legs be?

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