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Do you love a period drama? All those fabulous costumes? Always a visual feast to be savoured.  Well I’m really excited to be giving you the opportunity to win a double pass to see thew new movie with Kate Winslet, A Little Chaos.

A little about A Little Chaos

Alan Rickman’s Romantic Drama A Little Chaos follows the story of Madame Sabine de Bara (Kate Winslet), a talented landscape architect designing a fountain at Versailles for King Louis’ XIV. Challenging gender and class barriers with her pioneering design vision, she finds herself in a professional and romantic entanglement.

a little chaos

Competition Details

To win one of 4 double passes courtesy of Transmission Films leave a comment here on the blog and let me know how winning one of these movie tickets would give you a little reprise from the chaos in your life.

Competition closes 5pm AEST 24 March 2015 and winners will be notified by email.  Open to Australian Residents only

National Australian cinema release 26 March.


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  • In the middle of pulling down fences (rural/horses) and re-fencing. Now a tenant’s left my rental unit giving 1 months notice after living there 15 years, and it needs a total renovation, which I don’t have the time or money for. Organising mum’s 90th, 8 family members are coming to stay and we’re doing High Tea for 30 people & my partner & I are trying to get ready for our first dance competition together………

  • Well, been losing lots lately so winning one of these tix would give me hope! Plus watching Kate Winslet alone would make me forget all the chaos 🙂

  • Wow! Frockfest!
    I love to sew…… and that movie looks glorious!
    Sewing is my creative reprieve from timetables and lessons and pouty faces, work and bosses and deadlines.

  • I adore chaos because I love to produce order! Oh although…….. a little respite from this thin, perilous condition, where I try endlessly to reverse the process while my natural protégés shape-shift our humble abode daily into an unformed mass of elements all jumbled up together in a shapeless heap, would delight and reinvigorate me. It would even strengthen my co-dependant relationship with them, as by winning a ticket to A Little Bit of Chaos I will have moved over to the dark side.

  • i’d love to win this movie double pass so I can take my husband along. My main love language is Quality Time, so I’d feel special watching this with him. Kate Winslet is a favourite actor of mine, so it would be extra special to share it with hubby.

  • Oh I saw the trailer for this, it looks fantastic! …… not to mention Alan Rickman is in it and directed it ;0)
    (yes I am a woman of a certain age lol) the costumes, the scenery, the sets….. I would love to win tickets thank you Imogen.

  • I would so love to see this movie. i still have a shirt I wore in my teens in my wardrobe – and I’m nearly 56, and it’s too small. Plus the chaos and stress that is my life with a return to study after 38 years, to win the tickets would just make my day!

  • Our kinder ‘always’ does a ‘Mothers Day Movie Night’ for the mum’s to get together and get to know each other for the year. I was really looking forward to seeing a movie with drama, fabulous sets and costumes, gorgeous landscapes and locations and suggested we see this movie (plus it’s unlikely I could drag the hubby along to this one) – so I thought WOW – win win…. Then they told me that ‘you can’t really meet people in a dark cinema’…… we are going to have wine and cheese/crackers night.
    Great… I’m on a carb free diet and don’t really drink – diet lemonade anyone ?
    Anyway, who said I wanted to meet the kinder mum’s – I wanted to see Kate Winslet take on a man’s world and kick the Kings butt, she might create ‘a little chaos’ – I just wanted to escape some chaos for a couple of hours (better than wine and cheese any day !!!)

  • Working shifts and nights are getting me down
    All for the paultry sum of an extra half a crown
    Its said we thrive from a little chaos and stress
    But when the brain and body ache I know best
    And that is a day off to stay in bed and rest

    Being a long term fan of both Alan Rickman & Kate
    This film would be like watching a couple of mates
    Be the film period drama, comedy or an agatha christie
    To sit and watch them act is always an enjoyable mystery

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