Are You a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant? Then You Don’t Want to Miss This!



Are you working as a personal stylist or image consultant? Or is this something you are interested in pursuing as a career? If it is, I highly recommend attending the AICI Conference in Washington 27 – 30 August this year.

There are going to be  speakers (including myself!) much greater than me – such as our keynote speaker Dr Jennifer Baumgartner , bestselling author of You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You, plus image legends  Sue Donnelly, Carla Mathis, Judith Rasband, Alyce Parsons, Lynne Marks, Sarah Brummitt, there are also a whole host of other fabulous speakers on the program.

The conference is a fantastic place to meet people to talk shop. My friends and family aren’t interested in talking about what I do and the intricacies behind it (I know that’s hard to believe), but everyone at the conference is passionate about style, colour and image. It’s my tribe! Every time I go I make new friends, and I love catching up with them when I travel.

And then you have the opportunity to advance your knowledge with great educational sessions on topics from The Science and Art of Bra Fitting and How to Retain Clients Through the Decades to The Language of Leadership. You can see the Conference Schedule and who is speaking here.

Of course if you want to become an internationally certified image consultant you can also do the First Level Certification exam which is held during the conference.

Not yet an image consultant or personal stylist, but interested in discovering more?  The conference caters for you too.  There is a beginner stream of educational sessions plus you have the chance to meet with many image trainers who attend the conference and you can see what they offer in tools and training at their exhibitors booth.   Plus you can also see other great fashion and image related tools, products and services (and even a little shopping) in the exhibition space.   And if you’ve got a great product or service that would appeal to the professional shoppers of the world (we shop for a living and spend a lot of other people’s money) and would like to showcase it at the conference please do contact me! Find out more about sponsorship and exhibiting here.

We also have intermediate and advanced sessions so that we cater for consultants at all levels, plus for the first time, we also have sessions in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese for our international members who don’t have English as a first language.

Not only that you get to meet consultants from all over the world – yes we are international and many of us fly in from all corners of the globe to share and learn and grow.  Of course we also get to enjoy a chance to dress up at the 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner.

If you register now you can get the early bird rate! Always a good thing to do.  Plus until 6 March you can even pay in installments if that makes it easier for you.  Register for the AICI conference here.   I would love to meet you (if I haven’t already) and can tell you that I always come away from the conference buzzing with new ideas and inspiration. It’s well worth the time and investment to get there!  So many of us get so busy working in our businesses day to day, we forget how important it is to stop and take stock and broaden our horizons as we work on our business, and the AICI conference really gives you that opportunity (plus a whole lot more).



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